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Last Updated: Friday, 18 November 2005, 16:33 GMT
Landslide win for Burkina leader
Burkina Faso President Blaise Compaore
Blaise Compaore ran a lavish electoral campaign
Burkina Faso's incumbent President Blaise Compaore has been declared the landslide winner of Sunday's presidential election.

The National Election Commission says he took just over 80% of the vote. His nearest rival won less than 5%.

This is Mr Compaore's third election victory after first coming to power in a coup 18 years ago.

Several opposition candidates have criticised the huge amount of money Mr Compaore spent on his campaign.

Burkina Faso is one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world.

Fraud claims

The BBC's James Copnall in the capital, Ouagadougou, said there were whoops of joy in the hall where the results were released.

It was packed full of Mr Compaore's supporters who wore T-shirts and baseball caps emblazoned with the president's face, which were given out during his lavish electoral campaign, our correspondent says.

Turnout was a relatively low 57.5%.

The other 11 opposition candidates have yet to react to the result but they have already claimed the elections were fraudulent.

They are able to make an appeal to the Constitutional Court should they have any complaints, our correspondent says.

For this reason, the results are officially regarded as provisional, pending checks for irregularities.

Mr Compaore was the only candidate in the 1991 elections and most of the major opposition figures did not run in 1998.

The Constitutional Court allowed the president to run for office again, even though an amendment to the constitution made in 2000 limits each head of state to two terms of office.

It ruled that the limit should not apply retroactively.

The opposition candidates have attacked Burkina Faso's alleged involvement in several wars in the region.

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