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Last Updated: Thursday, 17 November 2005, 20:40 GMT
Anger in Kenya over Thai zoo menu
By Adam Mynott
BBC News, Nairobi

Wildebeest in east Africa
Kenyan officials say the plans now needs to be rethought
There has been a furious reaction in Kenya to news that a zoo in northern Thailand will offer the meat of African game animals at its restaurant.

The zoo in Chiang Mai is being sent more than 100 wild animals and birds trapped in Kenya - including zebras, flamingoes, hippos and hyenas.

This had already led to protests from animal lovers and others.

The news that the zoo plans to serve lion, buffalo, elephant and giraffe meat has caused further controversy.

Project director Plod Prasop Suraswadi said VIP guests would have the privilege of tasting an exotic menu, including lion meat from Africa.

The Kenya Wildlife Service, which has been involved in the plans to export the animals and birds, had previously said that none of the species being sent to Thailand were endangered.

It has now announced that in the light of the new information, the plans need to be rethought.

The zoo in Chiang Mai is due to open officially on 1 January next year.

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