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Last Updated: Friday, 11 November 2005, 10:24 GMT
'Mass grave' uncovered in Namibia
South African troops, 1989
South African troops fought Swapo fighters in Namibia until 1990
At least one suspected mass grave has been found in northern Namibia near a former South African Defence Force (SADF) base.

The grave is thought to date from the South African occupation of Namibia, which ended in 1990.

At the time the SADF was engaged in conflict with Namibian Swapo liberation fighters in northern Namibia and in neighbouring Angola.

Officials say clothes found at the site resemble those worn by Swapo fighters.

The graves were found during construction work near the former Eenhana military base.

"I could not say how many people might be buried here... it is difficult to identify... but there might be many," the governor of the Ohangwena Region, Usko Nghaamwa, told the Namibian newspaper.

"There are also clothes, uniforms similar to those that were worn by Plan [Swapo's armed wing] fighters during the Independence struggle," Mr Nghaamwa said.

According to the Namibian, a second grave was found 50m (165ft) from the first.

Swapo is now Namibia's ruling party.

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