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Last Updated: Tuesday, 8 November 2005, 12:54 GMT
Bees kill S African crash victim
A South African woman has been killed by a huge swarm of angry bees after her vehicle crashed and hit an electricity sub-station which housed their hive.

Mariana Carmichael died at the scene after thousands of bee stings to her face, neck and arms. Her husband is recovering in hospital.

Paramedics in the Johannesburg suburb struggled to help as they watched on.

Police chief Wayne Minnaar said that "within minutes there were so many bees that they swamped this woman."

An emergency service spokesman said that the bee hive was 10 years old and contained hundreds of thousands of bees.

"They just went wild," Paul Nel, a spokesman for paramedic service Netcare 911 told Reuters news agency.

''It was terrible. The ambulance men could not get near them, the swarm was too big and aggressive,'' domestic worker Sina Mokoena told a South African newspaper.

A firm has been called in to move the hive from the residential area.

"We have to remove this beehive... [it] is huge, very huge," Chief Superintendent Minnaar told South African media.


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