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Pope's death: Africa views
Nigerian Catholics light candles to commemorate Pope in Lagos, Nigeria
Hundreds of readers from across Africa have sent us their reaction to the death of Pope John Paul II.

Here is a selection of their comments.

The following comments reflect the balance of views received:

Pope John Paul II. May his precious soul rest in peace. The world feels an emptiness today, we have lost a treasure and gained a saint. We trust that the Lord will guide our Cardinals through the appointing of a suitable successor.
Chipungu Kawandami, Zambia

Pope John Paul II was a true man of peace and religion. As a Muslim I would like to simply thank him for all that he has done for the sake of peace and understanding between faiths and nations. He will remain an example for me. My thoughts today go to the Catholics who have lost their Holy Father.
Salim G, Algeria

It is hard to imagine what heroes are made of. But to say that Pope John Paul II was the quintessence of humanity would be an understatement. The death of this towering figure that I saw on his visit to Uganda in 1993 when I was a teenager leaves a gaping hole on the heart of the Poor. Theologically orthodox and socially conservative in life, he taught us how to live and die serenely. For good for worse, now on his final journey, he is gone and we must learn to leave in world without him. Karol Wojtyala is an irreplaceable mouthpiece for the poor.
Kalule Mbowa, Uganda

Although I'm not a Christian, I'm deeply saddened by the death of Pope John Paul. He was a noble man who believed in peace, reconciliation and above all the respect for human rights.
Ditsotlhe Ketlogetswe, Botswana

By His passing, a great source of hope and courage has been extinguished. But we are consoled by the vast amount of legacies he has left behind. Adieu
Ebele Ben, Nigeria

Pope John Paul II was an epitome of humility, love and holiness.
Samuel Onyiba, Nigeria

I wish that the legacy of peace, forgiveness and criticism that the pope lived and died for will be emulated by our leaders in Africa, especially in Nigeria where corruption has deprived an ordinary Nigerian drinking water, shelter, good health, security and dividends of good governance. Adieu Pope
Chinedu Okonkwo, Nigeria

I attended Mass in May 1989 when the Pope visited Zambia. It was a spiritual moment and I prayed for a lot of things that day most of which have come to pass, and I think it was inspiration from the work that priests choose to do that gives us the faithful the spirit to continue to believe in God. My Catholic upbringing has made me the morally upright citizen and God fearing person that I am. I Pray that the Lord may send another Pope to lead the Catholic faithful in these our most troubled times where immorality and ungodliness threaten our very existence. May John Paul II soul rest in Peace.
Michael Chileshe, Zambia

This Pope will always have a place in my heart
Agnes Mulenga, Lusaka, Zambia
This Pope will always have a place in my heart. I still wear the Chitenge material which I wore in 1989 when he visited our country, Zambia and I will in his remembrance.
Agnes Mulenga, Lusaka, Zambia

Pope John Paul II was a model worthy of emulation. He lived a good life and also died a victorious death, knowing fully well he had done enough to preach peace to the world. May his gentle soul rest in peace
Regina Idemudia, Nigeria

The Pope has left a legacy of a harmonious world. His mission was to reach out to all with the Gospel even before efforts at promoting our global consciousness and interdependence. The whole world in its countless diversity has acknowledged this in his death.
George Gyader, Ghana

He lived and died seeking peace and good in the world. I wish the so called men of God in my country Nigeria will emulate him instead of singing praises to the government of the day whether they are doing the right thing or not. May God Grant the pope eternal rest Amen
Chukwuka Dibia, Nigerian - currently in Finland

I am a Southern Sudanese who currently live in US after having fled from Sudan due to the South-North Civil War which was recently ended by the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. I am writing here to pay my tribute to John Paul II for his good works for his last 26 years in the Papacy and in particular his good work in Sudan. Before he became a pope we Sudanese never had a saint or Cardinal.
In the last 15 years, he canonized and made Saints a Sudanese Native Josephine Bakhita and the Italian Founder of Sudan catholic Church Daniel Comboni. In addition Pope John Paul II, visited Sudan in 1993, which made that year the first time Sudan was visited by a pope. He has been a great Man to me. It is my prayer that God welcomes him in his kingdom.
Machien Justin Luoi, (Sudan),Fargo ND, US

He was the Great Father.
Palesa Alina Moea, Lesotho

It is very painful to wait for someone to die, no matter how old, it's hard to let go. I stayed awake watching TV waiting for the passing of Pope John Paul II to be announced, I have gone through that before with my own father. Thank you God that you gave us John Paul II who worked tirelessly, in sickness and in health. He reached out to the world - didn't matter what religion - he touched lives, and made the strongest voice in his life his own.
Maureen Mathandalizwe, Malawi

The late Pope John Paul II has been an inspiration to us all by offering not only prayer but guidance. May his soul rest in peace.
Kumaran, South Africa

Your coming to Soroti in Uganda in 1993 was a great blessing for me and the people in my area
Joseph, Soroti, Uganda
Your coming to Soroti in 1993 was a great blessing for me and the people in my area. I wish you could come again but death has robbed me of seeing you again. I know you live on though.
Joseph, Soroti, Uganda

You are gone but you will always be remembered among nations for your love and peacebuilding all over the world. It is better for you to die than to suffer and so the Lord decided to take you by his hands. On behalf of the Sacred Heart parish here in Sierra Leone i extend my deepest sorrow to all those who mourn the death of the Pope.
Joseph Babah, Sierra Leone

I am sad that the Pope has died because I have over the years come to admire and respect him. I am happy that I was lucky enough to have lived in his time. I am a bit apprehensive of any new pope because his is a daunting task indeed. He has been left very large shoes and I wonder whether he has fast growing feet. Whatever the case, Pope John Paul II is, to me, one of the greatest people who ever lived. The fact that we may not agree with everything he did or said shows he is human. No-one is without fault. Besides, who agrees with everything about any one given person? Rest ye well Karol Wojtyla. Yours surely was a life well lived.
Ann Njeri, Kenya

The Pope leaves a great vacancy and was one of the most compassionate people I have ever known. May you rest in God's shadow.
Craig, South Africa

The Pope taught me that one person really and truly can change the world. How? By fulfilling the will of God for his or her life. One of the modern world's best gifts is to have the Pope in heaven, interceding, no doubt for peace and genuine change of hearts towards God.
Clara, Kenya

If the Pope were to send a message to its mourners, I believe he would rather encourage them to spend the money being used to come and see his soulless body on orphans and the needy in both Catholic and non-Catholic regions. He represented numerous life-sustaining missions on earth.
Zaymar, Nigeria

Our dear Pope John Paul was a saint and love personified.
Seth Goerge Mensah, Ghana

He managed to bring hope to a populace badly in need of it
Babatunde Abayomi Adegoke, Nigeria
Though he has died, the memories of him will continue to live on.
T.C.Decius Forkpa Jnr, Ghana

The Christian community and the world at large mourned its renounced peace maker. A man chosen by God to set example on how to live a Christian life has gone from us. We Christians have the belief that our father is at the right hand of God in heaven. Rest in peace Pope John Paul, you have left your footsteps, it is left with us to follow.
Gerald Tunde Cole, Gambia

I'm a staunch Catholic and my first reaction was tears rolling down my cheeks. I've always looked up to him as the closest to God and I believed in him. I wish I could see him. I'll never forget him in my life. I know that he will pray for us and keep us a place too, a corner in heaven.
Claudine, Kenya

We have lost a man who, all his life, served God and humanity faithfully. He was a great man who never feared to apologise when he realised the Church had made mistakes in its history. He was a father and symbol of God's presence among His peoples. He stood for truth and promoted the respect for human dignity by speaking against social injustice in the world. He was a real child of the world who embraced the plurality of peoples, be it in religion, politics and social life. This man of God now enjoys being in the presence of God. He has left us many good teachings and examples to follow.
Chishala F Chisembe, Zambia

The death of Pope John Paul II is a great misfortune that has befallen the Catholic community. We just to beg the almighty God to give the Vatican officials support so as to continue the good work of Pope John Paul.
Ikome Emmanuel Ngalle, Cameroon

I will like the entire world to take solace from the death of the Pope and let us learn from what he was preaching. He is the most truthful person for the past 400 years. He always said the nothing but the truth and he was fighting war, poverty and terrorism better than no one else because he was trying to unify all faiths, which is the root of all the problems the world is facing. May the lord Jesus Christ and Allah gives him place to the hereafter.
Mohamed Bah, Senagal

The pope is an apostle of peace. He loves everybody inrespective of your religon. Rest in peace pope John Paul II
Ifeanyi Sylvester, Benin Republic

Yesterday we are rejoicing for a better future, but today we are mourning for a better tommorrow. How can someone like Pope John II , who has been planting peace among people of different colours, go to the land of the dead without giving us again some of his wisdom? Well that is death for usm he strikes when he likes, without giving us notice.
Olosinmo George, Ivory Coast.

I remember his visit to Nigeria during the regime of the late Gen Sani Abacha. During one of my country's darkest moments, he managed to bring hope to a populace badly in need of it. I think what he will be mostly remembered for was his compassion for people, It was so clear from his actions and people responded to that compassion.
Babatunde Abayomi Adegoke, Nigeria

Thank God for given us such icon. You are the real legend of our time. Thank God.
Kingsley Jonah, Nigeria

It's with sadness that most of us heard the death of the Pope. We pray that the lord receive him in his kingdom. He was a man devoted in his work and he never gave up most of our leaders have to follow his foot-steps thanks
Divine Akolla, Cameroon

The Holy Father Pope John Paul the 2nd finished his course, he kept the faith and now a crown of glory awaits him in heaven. We love you in Nigeria. There will never be another pope like you. No one can fill your large shoes. Rest on, till we meet to part no more.
Dr.Aigbedion Emmanuel Utomi, Nigeria

The Pope was a good man with a good heart who was always concerned with world peace, although he occupied an office that turns good men into religious beasts. The world has lot one of its remaining woners, I sincerely sympathise with the Church on this great loss.
Tabi Takang Tabe, Nigeria

God have mercy on the pope. He had made the world to know and realize many things. May his soul rest in peace. His prayers greatly intervened in the civil crisis in my home. A man of confidence and visions. Only God can judge him for we believe he rests right by his side. There's nothing else, but his mission has finally come to end. We believe in all your teachings and may the Lord guide you.
Theophilus Kossigbo, Liberia

A prophesy concerning this man's election as a Pope the leader of the Raman Catholic Faith was said to have being prophesied from the day of his appointment till the day of his death even to this moment that he has passed away, he still shows that he was really destined by God to be a Pope, I will miss him a lot even though I happen not to be a member of his faith but I still feel with great depression the impact of his passing away.
King Anderson Emmy Snr, Nigerian in Ivory Coast

The death of the Holy Father is a bitter loss for the believers and even for non-believers. Throughout his papacy, he was a precious spiritual guide and a true apostle of peace and freedom worldwide. Pope John Paul is dead but his divine ideas will remain sources of inspiration for the whole humankind.
Stephen, Senegal (currently)

A true man of God! By all his words and works even the non believers could see the light of Jesus.
Belinda, South Africa

The world has lost one of the great peace makers of our time. I received the news of his death with sadness and sorrow, I believe the heavens has gained a saint who will be watching over and praying for us to our Almighty God. May God keep his soul in eternal peace Amen.
Deogratius Winston, Tanzania

I am not a Catholic but greatly admired Jean Paul II and felt it was a special privilege to have seen him in St Peter's Square. Now that he has passed from this world with such dignity, it is time for us to look around and re-examine the leaders we have publicly elected. None of them compare and most don't even register. They need to re-examine themselves too, and ask, what legacy they intend to leave besides one of pretence, vanity and a great deal of dishonesty.
David, South Africa

Am a Roman Catholic believer and born a month when Pope JP was crowned. I didn't even get the chance of seeing him when he visited Uganda. The news of His death ran through my flesh like an electric charge. He has been a living example who many of us have learnt a lot from. The tributes sent tell you more about what The Holy Father had in himself. I pray that his soul rest in eternal peace as we wait for a successor of similar character.
Akampuriira C. Kenneth, Uganda

When he was born in 1920, only God knew what he would accomplish in life. Today, peoples of all races are in grief over the demise of this great servant of God who always stood for life instead of death, spiritualism instead of materialism, love of God instead of hedonism, and peace instead of war. Nigerians believe that it was his last visit in 1998 that opened the door for a democratically elected government in 1999. He lived in an ordinary world and excelled in an extraordinary way. The world will be sadder without him.
Dozie Azike, Nigeria

May you rest in peace Your Holiness, Holy Father, One truly worthy of the title Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Jesus Christ, Successor of the Prince of the Apostles, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, Patriarch of the West, Primate of Italy, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Roman Province, Sovereign of the State of the Vatican City, Servant of the Servants of God!
Hivas Abikkok, Burundi

I am not a Catholic, but I am deeply saddened about this loss to the Catholic community worldwide! My condolences go out to his family and the people who loved him and whom he loved! It is a tragedy but in the end it was best for him, he had been through too much pain and suffering! He will be with the Lord now and he is in a better place! He will be sadly missed! All my prayers and thoughts!
Nadine Mckechnie, South Africa

At last the great man of God is gone. May his soul rest in eternal peace. May his successor emulate him. He forgave his assailants and condemned violence.
Katontoka Kaputo Davies, Zambia

Mourners gather in St Peter's Square

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