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Zimbabwe voters: Pedzisaye
Zimbabweans have voted in the country's fifth parliamentary election since independence. A panel of eight people told the BBC News website who they supported, and gave their hopes and fears for the future.



Payments officer Pedzisaye, 28, from Mutare told the BBC News website why his vote will be a protest vote.

Initially I was not going to vote as I felt it would be a waste of time.

MDC supporter giving their party's open hand salute during a rally
Pedzisaye thinks the MDC is the party for the younger generation

However, now after seeing the mood around the country I am going to cast my ballot as a protest vote.

As an opposition supporter I am going to participate in the election, begrudgingly, with a heavy heart.

As a young person, I am still growing up and I see that there is no hope in Zanu-PF.

We must advocate for a change.

I think that it would be very unreasonable for a young and sober mind to vote for Zanu-PF after having witnessed what has been going on for the past 25 years.

There is really nothing. There is really no future for us, the younger generation.

As a person who is focused, who has a future tomorrow I want to associate myself with others who share the same sentiments as me.

The MDC is mostly composed of young people.

We are all going in the same direction.

Politics is now basically an age thing as there is nothing new that can come out of Zanu-PF.

Most of the young people in this country support MDC because for us they carry our hope for the future.

Map of Zimbabwe showing Mutare
Pedzisaye lives and works in Mutare

I would like to see Zimbabwe as a country where jobs are easy to find and the way of living is easy.

At the moment we live under harsh conditions as a result of the ruling party's mismanagement.

We want a future where everybody is afforded a chance to share the national cake.

Not just a few individuals as is the case now.

I don't think the MDC can win the election.

Not because they don't have what it takes but because of the dirty tactics employed by the ruling party.

If the MDC do win, it will be by a very small margin.

Your comments:

Pedzisaye, you have an encouraging zeal for the future of Zimbabwe. Be an encouragement to those around you. It may not happen overnight, but by peaceful, prayerful and patient means there will be justice, freedom and equality in Zimbabwe.
Lester, High Wycombe, UK

I think that voting for the MDC will bring democratic change to Zimbabwe. You are right and you like many other people will bring The MDC to power.
Samir Dwesar, Croydon, UK

Pedzisaye is a selfish person like all MDC supporters who worry about bread and butter issues like lack of jobs caused by the MDC which called for sanctions in the first place. He should realize that freedom comes with a prize. Is he advocating for neo-colonialism or just for the country becoming a colony again?
Tendai, Dallas, Texas

I get encouraged to know that there are some progressive young people of the likes of Pedzisaye in Zimbabwe. You are doing the right thing and just remember that you will be doing the most important task in as far as the politics of that country are concerned!
Jonathan Mutonga, Lusaka, Zambia

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