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Last Updated: Tuesday, 22 March 2005, 11:04 GMT
Ugandans march against Bob Geldof
Bob Geldof
Geldof used to admire Museveni for his fight against poverty and Aids
Hundreds of people have marched through the streets of the Ugandan capital, Kampala, to protest at Bob Geldof's call for the president to step down.

Launching the UK Commission for Africa report this month, Geldof, a rock star turned campaigner said Yoweri Museveni wanted to be president for life.

But one of the protesters told the BBC this was unwanted foreign interference in Ugandan politics.

"Tony Blair is seeking a third term and no-one is talking about it," he said.

"We want Ugandans to decide which way forward. We are just against imperialism," Odur Byaruhanga told the BBC's Focus on Africa programme.

'Shut up'

Many of the protesters were draped in dry banana leaves, the symbol of the third term for Museveni campaign. They held placards which read: "Geldof sober up and shut up", "No to drug addicts and Rock Homos".

President Yoweri Museveni
Museveni has been in power since 1986
He denied that he had been paid by the Ugandan government to organise the protest, which culminated with a letter being handed in to the British High Commission in Kampala.

Some Ugandans are pushing for the constitution to be changed to allow Mr Museveni, in power since 1986, to contest presidential elections expected early next year.

Geldof said that his admiration for Mr Museveni's fight against poverty and Aids had now been lost.

"Get a grip Museveni. Your time is up, go away," he said at the launch of the Commission for Africa report, which is supposed to map out a plan on how best to raise living standards in Africa.

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