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Last Updated: Tuesday, 11 October 2005, 09:05 GMT 10:05 UK
Ivorian opposition reject Gbagbo
President Laurent Gbagbo
Laurent Gbagbo says rebels must disarm before any elections
Ivory Coast's opposition have rejected an African Union (AU) proposal that President Laurent Gbagbo should remain in office for another year.

The AU had said this would give him time to organise delayed elections which had been scheduled for October.

Four opposition parties said Mr Gbagbo was responsible for the current impasse and called for a neutral leader.

The Ivorian crisis began three years ago when the New Forces rebels seized the north of the country.

In their meeting last week, the AU had said Mr Gbagbo should appoint a prime minister for the next year acceptable to all, to assume executive powers.

The opposition say they want a transition without President Gbagbo, and will put this case to the United Nation Security Council, which will have the final say, on Thursday.

Neither the rebels who control the north of the country, nor the pro-Gbagbo militias who roam the south, have disarmed as planned.

The 10,000 French and United Nations troops who keep the two sides apart say they are short of resources for the task.


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