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Last Updated: Monday, 10 January, 2005, 13:02 GMT
More deaths in Kenya clan clashes
At least nine people have been killed in clashes between rival Somali clans in north-eastern Kenya.

A police spokesman told the AFP news agency that the attack was in revenge for the killing last week of at least nine people in Mandera district.

The reason for the fighting between the Garre and Murule clans is not clear, although some reports suggest a political motive.

Most of those who died are reported to be women and children.

Extra police officers have been deployed in the region to prevent any further violence, said police spokesman Jaspher Ombati.

Earlier reports said that the fighting had brought Mandera town to a standstill as public transport operators stopped work in case they were caught up in the violence.

Last week, three MPs from the region were summoned by police to give statements on the violence, which started 10 days ago.


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