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Salva Kiir speech: Excerpts
Vice President Salva Kiir
Kiir has pledged his commitment to the peace agreement

Following his inauguration as Sudan's vice-president, Salva Kiir pledged to continue the policies of his predecessor, John Garang.

He stated his commitment to the peace agreement between the government and his Sudan People's Liberation Movement, and called on the media not to prejudge the outcome of investigations into Mr Garang's death.

The following are excerpts from his speech, broadcast live by Sudanese TV:

Much as I am honoured by taking the oath of office today, this day shall also remain engraved in my mind as one of the saddest days...

The only way to do justice to Garang's memory and be worthy of him is to follow his path and abide by the fundamental principles for which the SPLM has been fighting. That much I have said loud and clear on the burial of John Garang and I take this opportunity, now that I have taken the oath of office, to reaffirm that commitment...

"National healing"

I wish to call on all Sudanese to engage seriously in a process of national healing.

The death of Garang has unfortunately unleashed emotions of anger; some genuine, others cultivated by elements who wanted to pit one group of Sudanese against another...

It is the responsibility of all the Sudanese, especially the political leaders and the media, to strengthen social cohesion through the proper understanding of the dynamics of unity, if they really want our country to remain united...

It is neither my intention to depart from the route traced by John Garang nor to redefine the objectives of the SPLM

Comprehensive peace requires a quick resolution to the problems of Darfur and eastern Sudan. To that cause I shall exercise all the energies of the SPLM, as well as mine...


The duty of the media is to observe truth and social responsibility.

Within the last week, dear compatriots, I was saddened by some of the reports speculating on the death of our leader. At time of agony, the duty of the media is not to inflame emotions by spreading rumours or wild guesses. Let us have patience and wait for the conclusion of the investigations initiated both by the SPLM and the government of Sudan.

On the other hand, some of the media engaged in the dangerous sport of second guessing what Salva Kiir stands for...

I wish to affirm that it is neither my intention to depart from the route traced by John Garang nor to redefine the objectives of the SPLM.


As the man who signed the Machakos protocol, I remain committed to para 242 of that protocol. The parties shall work during the interim period with a view to improving the institutions of arrangements created under the agreement and making the unity of Sudan attractive to the people of south Sudan...

I shall be remiss if I conclude this address without paying tribute to you, Mr President, for the excellent working relation you had established with the late Dr Garang. My commitment to having such a relationship shall not be less than that of our late leader.

The people of the Sudan expect a lot from the institution of the presidency, and we should live up to their expectations.

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