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Last Updated: Tuesday, 30 November, 2004, 11:08 GMT
Ruling hits Kenya scam inquiry
Kamlesh Pattni
Mr Pattni claims to have started out with good intentions
A long running probe into Kenya's biggest financial scandal has been adjourned indefinitely amid fears that it may never be concluded.

It follows a High Court order last week to have retired President Daniel arap Moi and more than 1,500 others testify before it wraps up business. The so-called Goldenberg Affair is thought to have cost Kenya as much as $600m between 1990 and 1993. Chairman Justice Samuel Bosire said it was unclear how they could carry on.

"This is a tall order and requires a lot of resources," he told AFP news agency.

"We need at least five years to conclude. We don't think we have those resources," he said.


During the hearings, former President Daniel arap Moi was accused of being part of a scam that involved re-exporting gold and diamonds.

Former president of Kenya Daniel arap Moi
A court on Friday ruled that Mr Moi must give evidence
Neither Mr Moi nor his close aides appeared in person but their lawyer denied the allegations on their behalf.

In February 2003, President Mwai Kibaki honoured one of his pre-election pledges to Kenyan voters, by appointing a judicial inquiry.

The probe was expected to reveal how deeply key members of the former president's government were involved.

A total of 65 witnesses appeared before the commission, including Kamlesh Pattni, now considered the chief architect.

They gave details of how former government officials allegedly took part in looting government resources through a fake gold and jewellery export compensation scheme.

Those adversely mentioned also include some senior officials in President Kibaki's government, among them former Vice-President George Saitoti, now minister in charge of education.

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