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Life in Somalia: Halima's story
Eight residents of Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, tell us what the new government's priorities should be and how they have survived 13 years of anarchy.

Scrap metal worker

Khat dealer


Bus driver




Halima Mubarak Rashid

I came here from the Lower Shabelle region 14 years ago.

There were droughts and fighting between rival militias.

We were often robbed and in the end, we were chased away from our farms.
Halima Mubarak Rashid
I don't even know how we will eat this evening

My children were sent out of school today because we could not pay their school fees.

I have one child in secondary school and two in primary school. They were all sent away from school.

The school fees are 300,000 Somali shillings ($20) a month for all three.

For the past five years, my husband and I have managed to earn enough to pay the school fees by carrying goods for people at the market.

Then I became sick and my husband cannot earn enough to pay the fees on his own.

We will see what God will decide for our future. I don't even know how we will eat this evening.

Although I have a bad stomach infection, I cannot afford to go to hospital.

I became sick because of the work I was doing in the market. It is very hard.

I have heard about the peace process but I have so many problems surviving, I haven't had time to think about that.

My mind is full up, trying to find enough food to eat and pay my children's school fees.


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