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Last Updated: Friday, 5 November, 2004, 16:12 GMT
Shark victim promotes sea rescue
JP Andrew
Andrew is filmed body boarding to the beach
A South African who had his right leg ripped off by a shark just six months ago, is returning to the sea to shoot a television advertisement.

JP Andrew is to appear in an advert for the National Sea Rescue Institute, the Cape Times reports.

The advert aims to warn people of the sea's dangers but to also reassure them help is there if needed - as it was for Mr Andrew.

There has been a spate of shark attacks in the waters off Cape Town.

'Not afraid'

Some people blame the attacks on tour companies that offer shark-diving trips to tourists, saying they are encouraging the creatures to come too close to the beaches.

Mr Andrew, 16, lost his leg when he was bitten by a Great White Shark on Muizenberg beach outside Cape Town in April.

A surfer on Muizenberg beach
There has been a spate of shark attacks off Cape Town
Paramedics thought he was dead when his heart stopped beating for 30 minutes.

But since then he has made a miraculous recovery.

In the advert, he is shown body boarding to the beach, after catching a wave.

"People ask if I am afraid to go back. I am not," he told the Cape Times.

During the shoot, rescue volunteers were there to assist Mr Andrew.

"In fact, two of them treated JP shortly after the attack," says NSRI spokesman, Meriel Bartlett.

South Africa became the first country to declare sharks a protected species, and has seen an increase in shark populations.

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