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Zimbabwe athlete sings own anthem
The victorious Zimbabwe team
Zimbabwe's victorious relay team refused to go on the podium until the correct anthem was found
There was a moment of pure farce at the African Athletics Championships in Congo, when a Zimbabwean gold-medal winner had to sing his national anthem.

Zimbabwe's men won the 4X400 relay but when they went to collect their medals, the band played the old song.

After a similar incident in this year's football African Nations' Cup, the athletes insisted that the correct anthem be played.

After several minutes' delay, Lloyd Zvasiya took the microphone himself.

The BBC's Steve Vickers in the Congo capital, Brazzaville, says the 40,000 crowd gave Zvasiya a huge cheer.

Zimbabwe's new national anthem, Blessed be the Land of Zimbabwe, was adopted in 1994, replacing Ishe Komborera Africa, which is used in several countries.

But 10 years on, many Zimbabweans - and African bands - still know the old song better.

When Ishe Komborera Africa was played at the Nations' Cup in Tunisia, Information Minister Jonathan Moyo said: "It was a cheap attempt by the organisers to demoralise our boys."

The correct Zimbabwean national anthem
Zimbabwean national anthem

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