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Darfur crisis: How to help
Sudanese refugees in eastern Chad
About a million of Darfur's residents are now displaced
Global aid organisations have launched urgent appeals for donations to help people fleeing from fighting between rebel groups and government militias in western Sudan.

Aid agencies believe over one million people have been forced to flee thier homes.

Many are camped along the border with Chad, where food and water are in short supply and they are still vulnerable to attacks.

The area is remote and the rainy season has begun, making transportation difficult.

The Disasters Emergency Committee - www.dec.org.uk - is an umbrella group of UK aid organisations who are working to provide shelter, clean water and sanitation as well as food to refugees.

The United Nations World Food Programme - www.wfp.org - is seeking $130 million to feed refugees in the area.

"The situation in Darfur is becoming more critical every day; the worst is still to come," said WFP Country Director for Sudan, Ramiro Lopes da Silva in a statement.

Medecins Sans Frontieres - www.msf.org - is working to combat malaria and malnutrition in west Darfur.

Oxfam - www.oxfam.org.uk - is providing clean water supplies and sanitation to the refugee camps where one Oxfam worker described "80 families living together in one compound without any shelter and only one latrine."

Islamic Relief - www.islamic-relief.com - has also launched an appeal and food has already been distributed to around 18,000 people.

The United Nations Childens Fund, Unicef - www.unicef.org - is seeking to vaccinate children against disease in the refugee camps. It has appealed for $46m.

Save the Children - www.savethechildren.org - has already distributed food to 250,000 people in the area.

Anti-poverty organisation Care International - www.care.org - is working in Chad to help alleviate conditions for refugees who have crossed the border as well as those in Darfur.

Cafod, the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development - www.cafod.org.uk/sudanappeal - is working with partners in Southern Darfur to provide clean water, shelter, supplementary feeding in camps for the displaced.

UK residents can donate via the British Red Cross - www.redcross.org.uk - who have launched an appeal for food and blankets for the region.

Medair - www.medair.org/en_portal/index.php- is providing treatment kits for malaria, cholera, and dysentery.

The UN High Commission for Refugees - www.unhcr.ch/donate/redirect.html - is helping to relocate refugees on the border with Chad.

World Vision - www.worldvision.org.uk - has also launched an appeal and is providing shelter material, water containers, purification tablets, mosquito nets, cooking utensils and blankets as well as distribute food.

Christian Aid - www.christianaid.org.uk - is working to provide supplementary food rations for under-fives, educational services, shelter material, mosquito nets, blankets, kitchen utensils, and the distribution of seeds and tools to 500,000 people in southern and western Darfur.

Christian charity Tearfund - www.tearfund.org - is working to provide emergency feeding, health and sanitation services to refugees in six camps in Darfur.

Concern - http://www.concern.net/ - have launched an aid operation hoping to provide nutrition, sanitation and water supplies to 300,000 people in Western Darfur.

The International Rescue Committee - http://www.theIRC.org - is providing assistance to tens of thousands of people fleeing ongoing violence in Darfur and has also been launching programs to monitor human rights in the region.

The International Medical Corps - http://www.imcworldwide.org.uk - is providing emergency medical assistance, nutrition and training in refugeee camps in Sudan and Chad. IMC builds self reliance by recruiting and training volunteer community health workers from within the camp to provide health care and identify those in need of treatment.

Christian Outreach Relief and Development - http://www.cord.org.uk - are working in association with UNHCR to provide education and other community programmes for Sudanese refugees who have fled into Chad.

Mercy Corps - www.mercycorps.org.uk - is helping provide clean water, schools and training for about 130,000 people in Darfur.

You can donate to all the campaigns via their websites.

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