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Last Updated: Friday, 15 October, 2004, 13:25 GMT 14:25 UK
Landslide win for Cameroon leader
President of Cameroon
Paul Biya has been president since 1982
Cameroon's President Paul Biya has been re-elected with 75% of the vote, say officials, with a few results to come.

The president's main challenger, John Fru Ndi, came second with just 17% of the votes, a government minister said.

The results are not yet official, but the opposition has already denounced the election as rigged.

Most international observers said the election was well run and transparent, except for one Paris-based organisation alleging irregularities.

On Thursday, The Federation of Human Rights Leagues called on the international community to condemn the vote rigging.

Opposition vote split

Marafa Hamidou Yaya, the minister in charge of organising Monday's election, said the turnout been around 79%.

Polling stations in the south-west Manyu region, where votes are yet to be counted, represented 4,000 out of the 4.7m registered voters, he said.

75% - Paul Biya
17% - John Fru Ndi
4.7% - Adamou Ndam Njoya
1.5% - Garga Haman Adji
"The results from these 43 polling stations won't particularly affect the overall figures," he said.

The official results are expected within two weeks.

Mr Fru Ndi's Social Democratic Front (SDF) applied to the Supreme Court on Thursday to annul the results.

"We have indeed submitted a demand for the election to be declared void... we hope the court will say we are right," the SDF's Martin Mkemngu told the AFP news agency.

The opposition vote was split between 16 candidates, 12 of whom polled less than 1% of votes, Mr Yaya said.

The 71-year-old president came to power in 1982 and won the last election with 93% of the vote after the opposition staged a boycott.

The president is elected for seven years and, following a 1996 amendment, can only serve two terms.

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