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Last Updated: Wednesday, 13 October, 2004, 07:28 GMT 08:28 UK
Darfur refugee tale: Seed miller
The crisis in Sudan's Darfur region is often portrayed as a simple conflict between Arabs and Africans, but as the World Food Programme's Greg Barrow discovers, the reality on the ground is much more complex. Ismael Ibrahim Ahmad Adam from Kirinding Camp near Al Geneina in West Darfur told him his story:

Ismael Ibrahim Ahmad Adam with his diesel-powered milling machine in Kirinding Camp, West Darfur, Sudan
Mr Adam considers Kirinding Camp his home now

I am 24 years old and married. My wife is 24 years old, but we do not have any children yet.

I came here to Kirinding Camp in November last year, from my home village of Nori, after it was attacked.

First, government aeroplanes bombed us from the air, then the Janjaweed came in the afternoon.

It's a three-hour journey here from Nori if you come by donkey and cart.

Poisonous snakes

I used my donkey and cart to bring a diesel-powered milling machine to Kirinding Camp when I fled from Nori.

It was damaged on the way, but when it is working I use it to earn money by milling grain for people in this camp.

I mill their grain, and in exchange, they give me some of their food.

I received my first rations of food from the World Food Programme in May this year.

I am very grateful for the food we are given, but we would like more.

I don't think I will go back to Nori because of insecurity in the countryside.

At the moment, I think I can stay here in Kirinding Camp forever. It is my new home.

The only think I don't like about it are the many poisonous snakes that live in the sand.

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