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Last Updated: Thursday, 20 May, 2004, 13:37 GMT 14:37 UK
SA drunk donkey cart driver fined
A South African man has been fined 2,100 rand ($312) for being drunk while driving a donkey cart.

Hans du Toit was stopped by police in the town of Philippolis, 650km south of Johannesburg, when they noticed his cart swerving across the street.

He was ordered to stop, but when the police left the scene he continued on his journey, South African media said.

Before appearing in court, he said he did not stop "because the animals knew the way home".

"I know this road and so do my donkeys. If I don't find it, my donkeys will," he said.

He was later stopped again by police and his wife was called to take him home.


A spokesperson for the local magistrates office told BBC News Online that people caught drunk in charge of a donkey cart are usually given a warning by police.

They are told to unleash the animals and continue on foot, he said.

"This is the main mode of transport around here. There are no buses or taxis so we cannot be too strict."

But this time, the man ignored the warning so the case went to court.

Mr Du Toit was given a sentence of a 2,100 rand fine or two years in jail, of which 21 months were suspended for four years.

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