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Last Updated: Thursday, 5 August, 2004, 14:51 GMT 15:51 UK
Sudanese media rally public
Rally in Khartoum
The rally dominated TV and radio broadcasts
Sudanese broadcast media have taken a triumphal tone in its coverage of the demonstration in Khartoum on 4 August, in which tens of thousands protested against Western intervention in war-torn Darfur.

The government-backed rally was anticipated the day before on state-run Sudan TV, with one report informing the public of the time and starting point of the demonstration.

It also showed footage of Sudanese leaders calling on all Sudanese to join the protests.

'Roaring march'

Television news bulletins on the day of the protest were, predictably, dominated by coverage of the rally.

"In a scene which embodies the cohesion of the Sudanese people, their steadfastness and their ability to face up to challenges, crowds have gathered in Khartoum's Martyrs Square in a roaring march... condemning all manner of interference in the country's affairs", is how one reporter described it.

In a spirit and power of faith, the masses of Khartoum state... raised their voices high in rejecting the US-British threats against Sudan
Sudan radio

Demonstrators were shown marching to the UN building in Khartoum shouting slogans and protesting against the UN resolution on Darfur.

Speakers at the march were shown making speeches on the solidarity of the Sudanese people and their ability to confront "all kinds of aggression".

In another widely covered story, Yemeni Foreign Minister Abu-Bakr Kirbi was shown calling on the international community and Arab states to support the Sudanese government efforts in dealing with the Darfur conflict, and criticizing the UN resolution:

"The recent UN Security Council Resolution was, regrettably, based on information fed by quarters that do not actually know what is happening in Darfur," the report showed Mr Kirbi as saying.

'Social fabric'

Sudanese radio - also government-run - gave similarly positive coverage to the demonstration.

"In a spirit and power of faith, the masses of Khartoum state... raised their voices high in rejecting the US-British threats against Sudan," the station's correspondent in Khartoum said.

Radio bulletins included interviews with politicians and community leaders who condemned foreign intervention, and said that the West was trying to harm Sudan.

The day after the protest the radio replaced a regular news bulletin with a programme called "Darfur's social fabric". It focused on the co-existence of various ethnic groups in Darfur.

This continued what appears to be a series of programmes on life in the region. The previous day the radio broadcast a programme entitled "Darfur peace".

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