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Last Updated: Monday, 23 February, 2004, 13:36 GMT
Fall in Kenyan police corruption
Kenyan Traffic police officer
Kenya police are infamous for their corruption
The police force remains the most corrupt institution in Kenya, an independent study has revealed.

A survey conducted by Transparency International says it has found that police are still the most frequently bribed public officials.

But the Kenya Bribery Index notes the number of corrupt incidents has dropped by 77% in the force compared to 2002.

Last month the government doubled their salaries in a move aimed at fighting corruption within the force.

"The situation has improved but going by the figures the situation is still not very good. Corruption in the police still remains a big problem, so a lot needs to be done," said Gladwell Otieno, the executive director of Transparency International Kenya.

Bloated wage bill

President Mwai Kibaki's government announced a huge war on corruption when they came to power last year.

And according to the survey on corruption trends in Kenya, corruption is beginning to fall across the public sector.

However, the study suggest that bribes are becoming more expensive.

The report says that those involved in corruption are demanding higher inducements to merit the greater risk of being caught.

The government departments on the top ten list of the corruption index include Defence, State corporations Judiciary, Local Authorities and the Kenya Revenue Authority.

The survey also reveals that Kenyans who encounter corruption are reluctant to report cases to the authorities.

Western donors resumed aid to Kenya this year but have been pushing the government to reduce its bloated civil servants wage bill and step up the fight against corruption.

When President Kibaki came to power, he appointed the former director of Transparency International, John Githongo, as the new permanent secretary in charge of governance and ethics, a department that is charged with fighting corruption in government.

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