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Last Updated: Thursday, 5 February, 2004, 17:54 GMT
Eyewitness: Suffering in Lira
The following is an e-mail sent to the DCI World Christian trust from a minister known to them in northern Uganda, following a massacre on Wednesday night.

Please could you share with me the greatest pain today which has traumatised the whole town of Lira.

Last night the rebels stormed the internally displaced camp in a place called Abia in Apala about 24km from Lira town and killed both government soldiers and civilians.

They overpowered the few government soldiers there and killed many others in the camp.

I am just from the main hospital in Lira praying with over 70 victims who got burnt, stabbed with knives or beaten seriously.

Children are still burning in the fires in the camps as I write this e-mail.

The bomb set fire to dry grass and as you know we are in the dry season and the fire is still burning and is burning the weak ones who could not run.

We are perishing really and the future of our children is very dark since there is no education, no food, no medical attention, no shelter and no economic development in the whole of northern Uganda.

Camps had become the place of refuge but now they have to leave the comps and come to sleep on the streets of Lira waiting for their death.

We need both divine and international intervention in this situation less we shall be no more.

''If Iraq why not northern Uganda?''

Please could somebody reading the message plead on our behalf for both divine and international intervention.

Let the UN come to see the real situation

Pastor George Purkweri


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