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Great Lakes
Last Updated: Monday, 24 November, 2003, 14:34 GMT
Snake causes stir in Uganda court
Omweri on Kenyan TV news
Locals believe snakes can bring bad luck
A large snake created panic when it appeared in an eastern Uganda court.

Two armed men guarding the front door said they did not notice anything slipping past them into the room.

But when the snake was spotted everyone in court rushed for the exit, bar the judge who reportedly remained in his chair whilst keeping a wary eye on it.

The snake then also slid out of the front door of the Chief Magistrate's Court in Tororo. It was later stoned to death by locals.

Proceedings then resumed in the court, only to be halted shortly afterwards by two wild rare birds squawking loudly near to where the judge was sitting.

They were chased off by people throwing small stones at them.

The BBC's Abraham Odeke in Tororo says locals associate snakes and rare birds with superstition or witchcraft.

He says the incidents have left people convinced that somebody sent the creatures to try to influence the outcome of the court hearings.

The court was looking into allegations of misconduct and incompetence raised against the District Council.

Kenyans charmed by snake
11 Mar 03  |  Africa

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