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Last Updated: Monday, 29 September, 2003, 12:18 GMT 13:18 UK
Wives lop off husband's penis
A Kenyan man is in a south western hospital after having his penis chopped off and thrown away by his two aggrieved wives.

The wives cut off their 30-year-old husband's penis after invading a guest house he was staying in for the night with a female companion in the town of Kilgoris.

The wives attacked the female companion first with knives, chopping off one of her ears, before turning on their cornered husband.

BBC reporter Muchiri Kioi in Kilgoris says that police are pursuing the two women and could charge them with causing grievous bodily harm.

The police failed to arrest the two women when they called to the scene over the weekend because they were said to be too stunned.


Our reporter says that the man was reported to have sold part of the family's maize harvest at the local market before taking a room at the guest house with his female companion.

"Without his manhood at least he will invest all his money on our three children's education and upkeep instead of moving around with other women," one of the wives was quoted as saying by the Kenyan East African Standard newspaper.

The wives said the incident would serve as an example to other unfaithful men in the town.

Several cases of men losing their manhood in infidelity-related cases have been reported in western Kenya in recent times.

In one such incident a husband in the lakeside town of Kisumu chopped off his own penis after discovering that his wife had been seeing another man.

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