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Last Updated: Thursday, 25 September, 2003, 19:50 GMT 20:50 UK
Sex abuser faces stoning death
By Yusuf Muhammad
BBC, Kaduna

A court in the northern Nigerian state of Bauchi has sentenced a 43-year old man to death by stoning for committing sodomy.

The man, Jibrin Babaji, a Muslim, pleaded guilty to sexually abusing two boys aged 10 and another aged 13, whom he paid 10 naira [less than $0.10] each.

The trial judge, Malam Sani Jibrin Darazo, also blamed the three victims and ordered them to be flogged six times each for accepting the money for sex.

The verdict was delivered on the day when another Nigerian, Amina Lawal from Katsina state, won her appeal against a death sentence by stoning for committing adultery.

Mr Babaji was shivering throughout the 90-minute court hearing and covered his face as soon as the judge pronounced the death sentence.

The case attracted a huge turnout of spectators, who had come to see whether the accused would be convicted.

They chanted "God is great", a sign that they agreed with the death penalty imposed on Mr Babaji.

He has been given 30 days to appeal against the conviction.

Mr Babaji is the second man to be sentenced to death by stoning by a sharia court in Bauchi State.

The first was Malam Rafin Kiyawa, who was convicted for eloping with a married woman.

Although Bauchi state introduced sharia law two years ago, no-one has so far been stoned to death.

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