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Last Updated: Wednesday, 17 September, 2003, 11:26 GMT 12:26 UK
Nigeria warns exiled Taylor
By Anna Borzello
BBC, Lagos

Charles Taylor
Taylor is alleged to be keeping touch with Liberian officials
The Nigerian government has warned Liberia's former president Charles Taylor not to interfere in the affairs of his home country.

Mr Taylor has been exiled in Nigeria since last month.

In a strongly worded statement, the Nigerian government warned Mr Taylor not to violate the conditions of his asylum.

The statement, issued by the president's office, said that Nigeria had made it clear that the terms of his asylum did not allow any interference in Liberia's ongoing political process.

The statement comes just days after the UN Secretary General's special envoy to Liberia, Jacques Klein, alleged that Mr Taylor had been meddling in Liberia's political affairs.

Mr Klein said that Mr Taylor made frequent phone calls to Liberian government officials from his new home in the south-eastern Nigerian town of Calabar.

Mr Taylor lives in Calabar with his wife, daughters and a large entourage.

Mr Klein also alleged that the former president had been receiving Liberian government officials and businessmen.


Mr Taylor took up residence in Nigeria last month as part of a deal aimed at bringing an end to months of civil war in his home country.

Under the terms of his asylum, Mr Taylor was warned not to communicate with anyone involved in political, illegal or government activities in Liberia.

Nigeria has played a key role in trying to resolve Liberia's political crisis.

Apart from giving asylum to Mr Taylor, Nigeria has also sent troops to Liberia as part of a West African peacekeeping initiative.

Mr Taylor has been indicted for war crimes by a UN-backed court in Sierra Leone - which is still seeking his extradition.

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