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Last Updated: Tuesday, 24 June, 2003, 18:44 GMT 19:44 UK
'Lewd lawyer' upsets Miss Montesinos
Valimiro Montesinos
Montesinos still has 60 trials pending against him
Authorities in Peru are investigating alleged irregularities by the lawyer of former spy chief, Vladimiro Montesinos, during her visits to him in prison.

The investigation was launched after Montesinos' daughter accused the lawyer - Estela Valdivia - of perfoming sensual dances and serving him champagne during visits.

"It makes it very difficult to have a private conversation with him," 17-year-old Samanta Montesinos is quoted as saying.

"[Miss Valdivia] embraces my father and dances in a miniskirt in front of him after serving him champagne. The worst thing is my aunt (Maria Montesinos) encourages it."

[Miss Valdivia] embraces my father and dances in a miniskirt in front of him after serving him champagne
Samanta Montesinos

Miss Montesinos says any complaints she makes about the behaviour of her father's lawyer are ridiculed.

When she requested Ms Valdivia to stay out of her father's prison cell at the Callao Naval Base so that she could speak in private, the lawyer refused and allegedly struck her.

Miss Montesinos is now filing an official complaint of battery against Ms Valdivia after her latest visit.

According to reports, Miss Valdivia said she had every right to enter the cell with Montesinos' daughter as she was "going to be her next mother".

Montesinos is serving nine years in prison for illegally assuming his former post as Peru's intelligence chief, and another five years for abuse of power.

In May, he was handed an additional eight year prison term by a court in Lima after he was found guilty of embezzlement for handing over state funds during an election campaign.

Last August, the Swiss Government returned more than $77m to Peru after concluding much of the money came from corrupt arms deals made by Montesinos.

He is due to stand trial on more than 60 other charges relating to human rights abuses, money laundering, and embezzlement and arms deals.

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