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Last Updated:  Wednesday, 26 February, 2003, 11:50 GMT
Kenyan prisoners 'to have sex'
Former President Moi
The abuse of prisoners was common during President Moi's rule

Prison inmates in Kenya may soon be allowed to have sex with their wives, while still in jail.

Home Affairs Minister Moody Awori said he saw nothing wrong with the idea of allowing conjugal visits - but suitable buildings would have to be set aside to afford them privacy.

Mr Awori was responding to a plea by a group of prisoners earlier this month for what they called sexual rights, as a way of curbing homosexuality and HIV infections in prisons.

"Prisoners are human beings who need to be rehabilitated. They are not social rejects bereft of any claim to the human right to love and desire for acceptance," the minister said.

Long trousers

He said the government was also concerned about overcrowding and poor conditions in Kenyan prisons.

Campaigners have long demanded reforms in Kenya's notorious prisons.

Only last year, prisoners were finally able to wear long trousers after being forced to wear colonial era shorts.

The ruling National Rainbow Coalition (Narc) promised sweeping reforms during last December's election campaign.

On Tuesday it announced the release of 28 prisoners on death row.

It also commuted the death sentence of 195 others to life in prison.

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