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Wednesday, 23 October, 2002, 11:14 GMT 12:14 UK
Kenyan opposition 'to fight corruption'
(from l-r) Ngilu, Saitoti, Kibaki, Odinga
Mwai Kibaki will try to keep opposition egos happy
Mwai Kibaki, the opposition candidate in presidential elections due this December, has outlined his priorities if he wins the poll.

He pledged to introduce a new constitution, which has been repeatedly delayed, and to revive an Anti-Corruption Commission.

Uhuru Kenyatta
Kenyatta's nomination split Kanu
The 71-year old former vice president was chosen as the candidate for an alliance of more than 12 parties known as the National Rainbow Coalition (Narc).

The ruling Kanu party has already announced President Daniel arap Moi's favourite, Uhuru Kenyatta, as its candidate, which prompted a wave of defections of senior ruling party figures.

President Moi is obliged to stand down after 24 years in power, and if the opposition can remain united, it could be their its chance since independence, 40 years ago, to remove Kanu from power.

Ceremonial post

Mr Kibaki told the BBC Network Africa programme that his first priority would be to change Kenya's constitution.

"That's what Kenyans want," he said.

New Constitution
Executive prime minister
Two-chamber parliament
Impeachment of the president
Two deputy prime ministers
15-member cabinet
District and village councils

Despite hopes that this year's poll would be held under the new rules, this has not been implemented.

The constitution commission published its proposals last month and recommended creating the post of prime minister, who would run the daily affairs of government, while the president would hold a largely ceremonial post.

Mr Kibaki also promised to fight corruption, a problem which has dogged Kenya in recent years, leading the International Monetary Fund to withdraw funding.

Corruption would be fought from the top "and the top is obviously the president," he said.

He said that in the past, police corruption investigations have not been taken to court, and he promised to end political interference.

"It [Anti-Corruption Commission] will be given the mandate to prosecute people without going through the attorney general's office," he said.


Introducing the new constitution is a key part of the Narc alliance's programme because Kanu defector Raila Odinga is expected to be named as Mr Kibaki's running mate - to take up the post of prime minister.

But haggling over posts has delayed the announcement of the full opposition line-up, initially scheduled for Monday.

Opposition supporters
Opposition supporters want unity

The leader of the Ford People Party, Simeon Nyachae, has already fallen out with the opposition alliance. He has accused them of being undemocratic and is threatening to run as a candidate himself.

In the past two elections the opposition has sought to unite, has failed and has been defeated by President Moi.

But Mr Kibaki said that things would be different this time.

"There's no way we can fall apart," he said.

Mwai Kibaki on BBC Network Africa
"There's no way we can fall apart"
Is Kenyatta the right man to replace Moi?



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Kenyans choose a new president

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