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Monday, 21 October, 2002, 17:07 GMT 18:07 UK
Key figures on UN list
Diamond-dealing shops in Mbuji-Mayi
DR Congo's diamonds have attracted looters
BBC News Online profiles some of the 54 people linked by a United Nations commissioned report to the exploitation of natural resources during the four-year war in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • Emmerson Mnangagwa

    Zimbabwe's parliamentary speaker and number four in the hierarchy of the ruling party, Zanu-PF.

    Emmerson Mnangagwa
    Mnangagwa is Mugabe's heir apparent

    He is seen by many as President Robert Mugabe's preferred choice to succeed him.

    Was in charge of Zimbabwe's secret service during the "Matabeleland massacres" in the early 1980s, when thousands of Mr Mugabe's opponents were killed.

    He retains close links to the security forces.

  • James Kabarebe

    Rwanda's army chief of staff is an ethnic Tutsi who helped Rwandan President Paul Kagame mastermind the overthrow of the perpetrators of the 1994 genocide.

    His involvement in DR Congo began in 1996, when Rwanda and Uganda backed Laurent Kabila's march against the late dictator, Mobutu Sese Seko.

    When Mr Kabila took power, Mr Kabarebe was named as chief of staff of the Congolese army.

    But in 1998, Rwanda no longer backed Mr Kabila and tried to remove him.

    Mr Kabarebe left Kinshasa and was put in charge of the Rwandan army's operations in DR Congo.

    Despite persistent accusations of his involvement in plundering DR Congo's resources, he was promoted to army chief of staff.

  • James Kazini

    Uganda army chief of staff, with a similar career path to his long-time rival, James Kabarebe.

    Despite being accused of looting DR Congo's resources, while in charge of Uganda's operations there, was promoted to army chief of staff.

    James Kazini
    Kazini is a hate-figure in Rwanda

    Rwanda blamed him for the clashes between Rwandan and Ugandan forces in the Congolese city of Kisangani in 1999.

    Has denied the looting allegations but admitted helped Ugandan businesses profit from the war in DR Congo.

    Also admitted defying orders from President Yoweri Museveni during the Congolese war.

    The United Nations says he is close to Mr Museveni's half-brother, Major General Salim Saleh, also accused of looting DR Congo's resources.

  • Katumba Mwanke

    One of the most powerful ministers in DR Congo and a key negotiator in the various peace talks held this year.

    Originally from DR Congo's mineral-rich Katanga province.

    Named as Governor of Katanga in 1998, by former President Laurent Kabila, who also came from Katanga.

    Most of DR Congo's diamond mines are in Katanga.

  • Victor Bout

    A Ukrainian-born arms dealer.

    Belgium issued a warrant for his arrest earlier this year, for allegedly selling weapons to the al-Qaeda network.

    The United Nations has also accused him of breaking arms embargoes on Angola's Unita rebels and Liberia's President Charles Taylor.

    British Minister for Europe, Peter Hain, called Mr Bout a "merchant of death".

    Other key figures named are:

    • Zimbabwean Businessman John Bredenkamp
    • DR Congo Minister Mwenze Kongolo
    • Retired Zimbabwean General Sibusio Moyo
    • Retired Ugandan General Salim Saleh
    • Zimbabwean General Vitalis Zvinavashe
    • Director of DR Congo's National Intelligence Didier Kazadi Nyembwe
    • DR Congo's ambassador to Zimbabwe Mwana Mawapanga
    • Ugandan Colonel Dan Munyuza
    • Ugandan military intelligence chief Nobel Mayombo.

    The BBC's Ishbel Matheson
    "The people of Kisangani have paid dearly for their wealth"
    Expert on illegal diamond trading Christine Gordon
    "This trade was very specifically set up by the rebels in 1998"

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