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Music pair jailed over death plot

Kingsley Ogundele and Brandon Jolie (right)
Ogundele and Jolie (right) dreamed of achieving fame in the music scene

Two teenage musicians who plotted to kill a pregnant 15-year-old because they thought she stood in the way of their fame have been jailed.

Brandon Jolie lured his girlfriend to a canal where Kingsley Ogundele hit her and tried to drown her but failed.

Jolie said if the girl had his baby his mother would cancel his tuition fees.

Ogundele, 19, from Romford, Essex, was jailed for 18 years, and Jolie, 19, from Bow, east London, was jailed for 14 years for conspiracy to murder.

The Old Bailey heard that Ogundele and his friend Jolie, who went to Epping Forest College together, dreamed of achieving fame in the grime scene - a style of urban music which emerged in east London earlier in the decade.

Both men were aged 18 at the time of the attack and Jolie was said to have "enjoyed some success" as a music producer.

'Inconvenient problem'

On his website he claimed to have had his music featured on films and on BBC One soap EastEnders, and said he had recorded a track for Nike.

When Jolie's girlfriend became pregnant, he feared that his mother would cut off his student allowance and his blossoming musical ambitions would be frustrated.

Ogundele offered to help Jolie get rid of the girl and her unborn baby during a "chilling" web chat in October last year.

Jolie, who at the time of the crime was enrolled on a course at Bedfordshire University in Luton, told Ogundele: "I don't care if she lives or dies because the consequences of her having a child are too big for me too handle."

Ogundele then assured Jolie that he would "kill her".

How can I explain to my baby when he grows up that his father tried to kill us both just because I was pregnant?
Victim of Ogundele and Jolie

Prosecuting, Vivek D'Cruz said: "Both Kingsley Ogundele and Brandon Jolie perceived the victim as nothing more than an irritating, inconvenient problem, a problem that simply had to be eliminated."

The following month Jolie lured the girl, who was six months pregnant, to an isolated spot beside the Regent's Canal in Islington, north London, where his friend was waiting.

Ogundele hit her repeatedly over the head with a metal pole.

Despite her cries of, "please don't, I'm pregnant", Ogundele kicked and pushed the girl into the canal and held her under the water.

Her life was saved by passer-by Andrew Hall who chased off the attacker and pulled her out of the water.

The girl later gave birth to a healthy boy, who is now seven months old.

'Long-term distress'

Ogundele was found guilty of conspiracy to murder and Jolie admitted the same charge.

Sentencing, Judge Paul Worsley said that on the day of the attack the "cold and frightened" girl was left waiting for Jolie before Ogundele hit her with the pole and pushed her into the freezing water.

The judge told Ogundele: "You held her head under the water. She felt she was going to die.

"One of her last memories as she went under was the grin on your face as you pushed her under."

The court heard that the girl has recovered physically but suffers "long-term psychological distress".

In a statement read to the jury, the girl said: "How can I explain to my baby when he grows up that his father tried to kill us both just because I was pregnant?"

The judge awarded £500 to Mr Hall, who "did not know that he himself would not be the subject of an attack".

Judge Worsley said: "By his action he saved the life of the girl and her unborn child."

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