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West Aceh bans 'tight trousers'

Women and children in Aceh - 14 October 2009
Would these trousers be considered too tight?

Muslim women in the Indonesian district of West Aceh are to be banned from wearing tight trousers or jeans.

One local official said women found breaking the law will have to change into a government-issue skirt and their banned garments will be cut up.

The rule, to take effect next year, will also ban men from wearing shorts, said district chief Ramli Mansur said.

Aceh has implemented partial Sharia law, the only province to do so in the world's largest Muslim country.

"If a woman flouts [the rules], her trousers will be cut up on the spot and replaced with a skirt that will be provided free of charge by the West Aceh government," Ramli Mansur told AFP news agency.

Some women in West Aceh have objected, saying skirts are impractical when it comes to riding bikes or scooters.

Loose trousers would be permitted though, Mr Mansur said.

"We're not stopping women from wearing trousers. What's prohibited are tight trousers and jeans. If they have to wear trousers, the trousers must cover their ankles and be worn under loose, long skirts."

The rule would only apply to Muslims.

In September, Aceh's provincial government passed a law making adultery punishable by stoning to death. The law also imposes severe sentences for rape, homosexuality, alcohol consumption and gambling.

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