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Weekly world news quiz

It's the end of another week... Just how much do you remember about the headlines from the past seven days?

Test your knowledge of world news events in our quiz.

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Question 1
The razzmatazz of the G20 summit is over and world leaders are moving out of London. How many countries are there in the G20?
A: 19
B: 20
C: 21
Question 2
Ahead of the summit, Michelle Obama did what few others have managed - getting Queen Elizabeth to break protocol and embrace her. Which former world leader previously ruffled feathers by touching the Queen?
A: Russia's Boris Yeltsin
B: America's George Bush
C: Australia's Paul Keating
Question 3
What destination did Miss Universe say she didn't want to leave, because it was such a relaxing place, so "calm and beautiful"?
A: Harare
B: Guantanamo Bay
C: Basra
Question 4
April fool's day crept up on us once again, and the media was full of made-up stories. Which of the following was a hoax?
A: People who live in the tropics have more baby girls compared with those living in other parts of the world
B: France's Museum of Air and Space said Concorde was to return to the skies for a two-hour flight in June
C: The White House compares the UK to the state of Oregon
Question 5
What word is missing from this BBC News Website headline: "XXX row lowers space morale"?
A: "Toilet"
B: "Smoking"
C: "Food"
Question 6
Residents of a town in central Spain voted in a referendum to cancel their annual bullfighting festival, sparking an outcry from bullfighting supporters. Why was it stopped?
A: Because there are not enough young men left in the town to fight the bulls
B: Because of the economic crisis
C: Because of local animal rights demonstrations
Question 7
Which football team caused Argentina's worst defeat in more than 60 years, prompting coach Maradona to exclaim: "This is the first time [losing] has happened to me"?
A: Venezuela
B: Cuba
C: Bolivia

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