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Weekly world news quiz

It's the end of another week... Just how much do you remember about the headlines from the past seven days?

Test your knowledge of world news events in our quiz.

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Question 1
The Pentagon was embroiled in a row this week about digitally altering the official photograph, supplied to the Associated Press, of the first American female four-star Army general, Ann Dunwoody. What was the alteration?
A: They removed a framed photo of Donald Rumsfeld from the background
B: They added a US flag as background
C: They shortened her hair to make her look tougher
Question 2
Italy's gaffe-prone Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been in the news with one of his pranks again. What did he do?
A: He phoned the French president's Italian-born wife to tell her that he, too, was glad she was no longer an Italian citizen
B: He played hide-and-seek with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel
C: He told a foreign ambassador's wife that if ever she wanted a new husband, she should give him a call
Question 3
This week scientists were excited by the discovery of a fossilised turtle that turned out to be a new species. What's the significance of the turtle found on the Isle of Skye?
A: The species is the missing link between land and water-based turtles
B: It is the missing link between turtles who bore live young and those who lay eggs
C: It is the missing link between those who could not withdraw their necks into their shell and those who can
Question 4
Why does Santa need to cross Croatia off his Christmas list?
A: Croatia banned all faith-based festivals to help meet EU admission criteria to ban religious discrimination
B: Due to the credit crunch, the Croatian government banned Christmas parties and presents in the public sector
C: The Croatian headteachers' union voted to send letters to every parent to stop them buying more than one present per child, to return to the spiritual values of Christmas
Question 5
The emergency services in Cairo were bemused when the subject of their attention did not need their help after all this week. Why not?
A: A man who had locked himself out on a fourth-floor balcony had managed to get down safely
B: A woman who appeared to be giving birth on the pavement turned out to be an actress filming a movie scene
C: A man who seemed to have glued his hand to a wall was an installation artist, who had used a fake hand as part of the artwork
Question 6
What do Britons think about while on the toilet, according to new research?
A: Food
B: Sex
C: Bowel health
Question 7
An underwear model made headlines this week for not having a part of the anatomy that most of us have. What is she missing?
A: Little toes
B: Nipples
C: A belly button

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