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Miriam Makeba: Your comments

South African singing legend Miriam Makeba has died aged 76, after being taken ill in Italy.

BBC News website readers have been sending in their memories and tributes. You can read a selection below.

You can send your thoughts by following this link.


I was at her last concert but one. Ms Makeba lived her life fighting for black people. She was a legend. She was a worthy ambassador for black people and also point of emulation for everybody. May her gentle soul rests in perfect peace.
Funso Soola, Abeokuta, Nigeria

Miriam Makeba affectionately known as Mama Africa was a legendary musical icon whose music expressed the joys and sufferings of the South African people in their struggle against Apartheid. She leaves behind a proud heritage of songs for future generations of African children.
Litha, South Africa

What a great loss to South Africa and to Africa as a whole. I may be of the new younger generation but Mama Makeba's music moved me and gave a great deal of appreciation to the struggle faced in South Africa. My heartfelt condolences to her family and South Africa.
Sombo Makosa, Lusaka, Zambia

Mama, she is epitomy of woman - she was full of courage and used her music to fight apartheid.
lroegbu Godwin, Umuahia, North Nigeria

My whole family was shocked to hear about the passing of Ms Miriam Makeba this morning. Having lived in South Africa from the '70s to the late '90s, to me she represented all that was good about South African music and political activism. She was not only a musical icon for Africa but for the world. I will forever remember Miriam Makeba for Pata Pata, her version of Malaika and of course my personal favourite the Click Song. May her soul rest in peace.
Abena , Accra, Ghana

This is a woman that has used her music as an eye opener to Africans against racial discrimination. A great loss to South Africa and the continent. Rest in peace Mama AFRICA
Adana Zulu, Ilorin, Nigeria

Miriam Makeba affectionately known as Mama Africa was a legendary musical icon whose music expressed the joys and sufferings of the South African people in their struggle against Apartheid. She leaves behind a proud heritage of songs for future generations of African children.
Litha, South Africa

Mama Africa - we last saw Miriam Makeba in Kampala a month ago. I am glad I attended. I was so impressed with her energy and still so beautiful a voice. We grew up on her music, our fathers used to blast it all weekend and tell us stories of our African heritage. I am so glad to have experienced the legend they call 'Mama Africa' before her death. May her soul rest in peace.
Jean, Kampala, Uganda

It's sad that it just happened at the point when a black man breaks through in American politics. He deserved a musical compliment from this renowned artist and leading symbol against apartheid of our times.
Bob, Gaborone Botswana

The music world has lost a legend. Africa has lost a mother. I remember her vividly from the 1970s, how she helped bring apartheid to life for many young people in Nigeria. Her life meant something. Adieu Mama Africa!
Trevor Akpomughe, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

She was just a great woman and mother of the continent. We shall really miss her great inspiration to all, up-coming musicians and non-musicians. Sleep well mum.
Elias Lungu, Lusaka, Zambia

I never attended her concerts but her music inspired me and the fact that she left her family to go to exile and in that she fought for us as South Africans and today we are free from Minority white oppression. MAY HER SOUL REST IN PEACE.
Japhta Mthethwa, Piet Retief, South Africa

I heard about her death on BBC World Service live on the internet. I was one of the Makeba followers. My most favourite Makeba song was "Suliram". May her soul rest in Godly peace.
Bennett M Simfukwe, Luton, UK

I was at her one but last concert in Amsterdam, last Friday. This was the third time I had the opportunity to attend one of her concerts and it was such a great experience. Apart from being a great singer, above all she was a great human being. Having suffered from apartheid and everything that goes with it, she remained so kind and humble while still being so strong - even at 76! We have lost one of the worlds greatest characters but Im sure her spirit will live on.
Ton Smit, Huizen, Netherlands

She was a natural woman in terms of singing. Mariam, may your soul rest in perfect peace.
Michael Darko, Helsinki, Finland

Miriam Makeba was an inspiration to all women. She fought against apartheid using the gift that was difficult to deny her of. Miriam first inspired me when I sawher perform in the Virgin Islands more than 20 years ago. She brought to light the world of apartheid and shone that light until people who were unaware could see.
Carla Joseph, Florida United States

What a woman! What a life well spent! The last time I saw her in concert was a few years ago at the Barbican in London and I'm really so glad I got to see her in the flesh after growing up with her on cartridge in my father's car as a kid in the 70s. May Mama Africa's soul rest in peace!
Titi, UK

As a third year primary school boy, I was captivated by Miriam Makeba's elegance and performance in FESTAC 77, which was hosted by my country in 1977. Though I am not good at singing, I can still easily hum some of those 1977 songs
Cornelius Ehimiaghe, Glasgow, Scotland

Angels could not possibly possess finer voices: musical, political, aspirational. You lived to see Nelson Mandela as SA president and Obama as US President-elect. Mama Africa rest in peace
D, Cannock, UK

During the apartheid regime back in Ethiopia we heard a lot of her stories her struggles and her musics she is a legend to Africans we love her so much. Everyone was eager to hear her songs She even sang in Amharic 'Chapeau Maria'. We will never forget you.
Yasmine, Brussels/Belgium

I found a Miriam Makeba track on an obscure compilation album by Ivor Cutler. The track was called 'Kilimanjaro' and it blew me away with it's complex rhythms and vocal performance. Rarely will you hear such boundless energy.
Roger Green, Carlisle UK

A legend has died. My mother taught me to love her music as I have taught my daughters. Her legacy lives on.
Mutheu, Zurich

I discovered Miriam Makeba in the documentary "When We Were Kings" and she left a deep impression on me because she was singing with the same soul Muhammad Ali was fighting. Tribute to a great peace fighter!
Ulysse, Grenoble, France


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