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Weekly world news quiz

The week in questions graphic

It's the end of another week... Just how much do you remember about the headlines from the past seven days?

Test your knowledge of world news events in our quiz.

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Question 1
Chicago residents have reported bizarre attacks by dive-bombing blackbirds. One ornithologist suggested angry birds could be deterred if you...
A: Stare at them
B: Meow loudly
C: Turn your back on them
Question 2
The UK's annual festival of fashion and tennis is under way. The buttons on which Wimbledon outfit represented the wearer's past wins?
A: Serena Williams' trench coat
B: Roger Federer's cardigan
C: Maria Sharapova's pinstripe shorts
Question 3
Queen Elizabeth II annulled Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe's honorary knighthood this week. Who was the last non-British citizen to be stripped of the title?
A: Romania's Nicolae Ceausescu
B: Uganda's Idi Amin
C: Chile's Augusto Pinochet
Question 4
Madrid's Prado museum says there are reasons to dispute the authorship of one of the gallery's most famous paintings, The Colossus. Who, until now, was believed to have been the painter?
A: Diego Velazquez
B: Francisco Goya
C: El Greco
Question 5
Scientists published a new theory this week to explain why the northern hemisphere of Mars - dominated by a giant lowland basin - is so different from the rugged highlands of the southern hemisphere. What do they think is the explanation?
A: It was hit by a giant asteroid
B: It was the product of a giant volcanic eruption
C: It was once covered in dense rainforest
Question 6
Italian architect David Fisher unveiled an unusual new design for an 80-storey skyscraper this week. What makes it unusual?
A: It would have fewer lifts than usual, and a helter-skelter system for descent to street level
B: It would conserve energy by having no external windows, only windows opening into an internal atrium
C: Each floor of the building would revolve independently
Question 7
A man made the news this week when he put something unusual up for auction. What?
A: His life
B: His wife
C: His parents

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