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Last Updated: Friday, 21 December 2007, 22:46 GMT
US 'penis photo doctor' loses job
Surgeons perform an operation at a hospital
The picture was allegedly taken in an operating theatre
A surgeon who allegedly took a photo of a patient's penis during an operation at a US hospital is no longer working there, it has been announced.

Dr Adam Hansen, of Arizona's Mayo Clinic Hospital, is accused of taking the snap while conducting gallbladder surgery earlier in December.

The trainee surgeon allegedly showed the photo to colleagues.

The patient is a strip club owner, Sean Dubowik, whose penis is tattooed with the words "Hot Rod".

A member of the surgical staff tipped off local newspaper The Arizona Republic about the incident in an anonymous call on Monday.

The announcement that he was "no longer practising" at the Mayo clinic was posted on the hospital's website. It is not clear whether he resigned or was dismissed.

'Great outrage'

On the same day, Mr Dubowik, 37, learned about the photo when the Nobel Prize-winning clinic, based in Scottsdale, telephoned him.

Now I feel violated, betrayed and disgusted
Sean Dubowik

The businessman said: "I got a strange call after my surgery from a doctor who said there was a problem. He said Hansen was on the phone and would explain."

Mr Dubowik said that the surgeon confessed to having used his mobile phone to take the picture while inserting a catheter into his penis.

The patient, who said the tattoo was done for a $1,000 (500) bet, continued: "Now I feel violated, betrayed and disgusted.

"The longer I sit here the angrier I get."

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