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Singer Fish and Marillion reunite
Marillion on stage in Aylesbury on Sunday. Photo: Rob Day
Marillion joined Fish on stage for one song. Photo: Rob Day
The classic line-up of rock band Marillion have performed together on stage for the first time in 19 years.

Singer Fish, who went solo in 1988, was joined by his former bandmates for one song at a festival in Buckinghamshire.

Fish described it as "just five guys doing a one-off and having a brilliant time together", and stressed that it would not lead to a full reunion.

The quintet, who had 1980s hits such as Kayleigh and Lavender, played their debut single Market Square Heroes.

The gig took place at the Hobble on the Cobbles event in Market Square, Aylesbury, where the band formed, on Sunday.

Fish on stage in Aylesbury on Sunday. Photo: Rob Day
The song came at the end of Fish's solo set. Photo: Rob Day
Guitarist Steve Rothery, bassist Pete Trewavas, keyboardist Mark Kelly and drummer Ian Mosley all took part in the surprise performance.

Fish told the BBC News website: "It was great. It was just a load of fun. But nothing should be read into it. I think it just proves that we're actually friends.

"There's always been these rumours that there's some sort of animosity between us but that went a long, long time ago."

The crowd let out a roar when the singer told them: "I want to produce some old friends of mine."

One fan, Helen Vought, said: "The crowd went mental, jumping up and down and cheering and screaming.

"It's something that I never ever thought would happen - and it did. There were literally grown men crying at the front of the audience."

Fish, whose real name is Derek William Dick, said he suggested the performance after seeing Marillion live in Glasgow in June.

Marillion on stage in Aylesbury on Sunday. Photo: Rob Day
Mark Kelly (left) and Steve Rothery played at the gig. Photo: Rob Day
The band kept going after Fish left, with Steve Hogarth replacing him on vocals.

Although they never recaptured the commercial success they enjoyed with Fish in the mid-80s, they have retained a loyal support and have regularly appeared in the UK top 40.

Fish said he did not want to take part in a full reunion because Hogarth "does a great job with the band".

"What they do is completely different," he said. "I've got a new album called 13th Star and anybody that listens to that will understand that I'm worlds apart from what the Marillion guys do.

"We forged different paths over the 19 years."

He is due to tour the UK in September, followed by dates in Europe until mid-December.

Marillion released their 14th album, Somewhere Else, in April and will tour the UK and Europe in November and December.

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