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Last Updated: Sunday, 27 May 2007, 21:55 GMT 22:55 UK
UK troops uncover Iraq arms cache
The underground haul included 10,000 rounds of ammunition
British forces have uncovered a large cache of weapons in Iraq, a move they say will be a huge blow to insurgents.

The discovery, following a tip-off, was made near Saswan, 50km (31 miles) south of Basra where UK forces are based.

Six roadside bombs and 10,000 rounds of small arms ammunition were found along with night vision goggles and rifle sights in an underground container.

Maj David Gell, a UK forces spokesman, said: "This find will have dealt a significant blow to the militants."

Increasing attack

The arms discovery was made by the 1st Regiment the Royal Horse Artillery, which has recently arrived in Iraq.

Earlier, British troops killed three militants after coming under fire during a separate overnight arrest operation in Basra.

During the operation, the troops were attacked with small arms and rocket-propelled grenades.

The Ministry of Defence said four people were arrested and weapons were seized in the multi-national raid, and that there were no British casualties.

UK and Iraqi troops have come under increasing attack after the leader of the Mehdi Army militia, Abu Qadir, also know as Wissam Waili, was killed in Basra on 25 May.

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