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The world this week
A look at what could be dominating the headlines around the world this week - and some key background on those events.


Explosion in Baghdad March 2003
Special coverage of Iraq on the fourth anniversary of the US-led invasion including a clickable map of Baghdad violence, Iraqi voices and analysis of the situation in the country and the region
Features on slavery past and present on the 200th anniversary of Britain's abolition of the trade including an audio slideshow from Sudan and an interview with Ms Dynamite on Jamaica's Maroon legacy
A series on what the EU has achieved since its birth 50 years ago including features on its impact on the environment and business

Falkland Islands: A group of Argentines occupied the British territory of South Georgia 25 years ago. Within weeks the Argentina armed forces had invaded the Falkland Islands, which Argentina lays claim to as the Malvinas, and a war was under way in the South Atlantic.

Tycoon in court: The trial of media tycoon Lord Conrad Black in Chicago for fraud and racketeering hears opening statements.

Spector trial: A jury is selected for US music producer Phil Spector's murder trial in Los Angeles. The man known for his "Wall of Sound" production technique is accused of killing actress Lana Clarkson in his home in 2003.


The new glass walkway above Grand Canyon, nearing completion
The Skywalk hangs some 1,200m (4,000 feet) above the canyon

Invading Iraq: Coalition bombs rained on Baghdad as "Operation Iraqi Freedom" got under way four years ago.

One smaller step: Buzz Aldrin, the second astronaut to walk on the moon after Neil Armstrong, leads the first party to cross a glass walkway which veers over part of the Grand Canyon.


New Year: Iran and Central Asian states celebrate the old Persian festival of Norouz.

Bowing out: Gordon Brown, the UK chancellor widely expected to replace Tony Blair as prime minister this year, reveals what is almost certainly his final budget.

The Fed's verdict: The US Federal Reserve announces its latest decision on interest rates.


Dragan Vasiljkovic
Dragan Vasiljkovic was working as a golf instructor in Australia

Extradition bid: An Australian court rules on Croatia's request to extradite a man accused of killing and torturing Croats in the former Yugoslavia. Dragan Vasiljkovic has dual Serbian and Australian nationality.

Atlantic crossing: The EU's Transport Council debates giving the green light to an Open Skies agreement which would free up the trans-Atlantic aviation market. Other issues expected to come up are problems with Europe's planned Galileo satellite-navigation system and air traffic control developments.


African relief: The new UN emergency relief co-ordinator, Sir John Holmes, begins a tour of Sudan, and Chad and the Central African Republic, which both border the Sudanese crisis region of Darfur.


Europe united: EU leaders meet in Berlin for a summit devoted to the half-century since the Treaty of Rome laid the foundations for the present Union.


Abolition anniversary: It is 200 years since the British parliament passed the Slave Trade Act.

Mauritania decides: In its first fully democratic presidential poll since independence in 1960, the country faces a run-off between a former government minister, Sidi Ould Sheikh Abdellahi, and an opposition figure, Ahmed Ould Daddah.

This guide to the week ahead is not intended as an exhaustive list, and the events noted may be cancelled or postponed.

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