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In pictures: Conflict impact

Lebanese rescue workers search for bodies in a suburb of southern Beirut on 8 August 2006

Israeli jets are continuing to launch strikes across Lebanon after nearly four weeks of fighting. WARNING: Subsequent images may cause distress.

A Lebanese fireman extinguishes fire in Beirut on 7 August 2006

The capital Beirut has been a regular target for Israel in its campaign against Hezbollah.

Rescuers dig out a child in Beirut on 8 August 2006 after air strikes late on 7 August

The city's children have been among those killed and injured in fresh Israeli air strikes.

Hassan Al Raai on 8 August 2006 after Israeli air strikes on Beirut on 7 August

Nearly 1,000 people have now been killed and up to 3,500 injured, the Lebanese government says.

Doctors in a Beirut hospital attend to a woman on 7 August 2006

Lebanese hospitals have been stretched to the limit in nearly a month of Israeli bombardment.

A Lebanese woman cries in southern Beirut on 8 August 2006

Aid agencies estimate that up to a million people are now displaced or homeless.

Aid workers transfer medical supplies intended for south Lebanon by hand across the Litani river on 7 August 2006

The damage to infrastructure is hampering aid efforts, especially to southern towns and cities.

An Israeli army reservist prays on 7 August 2006

Israel is pounding Hezbollah positions from the air and ground - but the militants' barrage of deadly rockets has continued.

Mourners at the funeral of Israeli Staff Sergeant Moshe Malko Ambao on 8 August 2006

More than 60 Israeli soldiers have now been killed in clashes with Hezbollah and in rocket strikes.

Mother of Israeli soldier Phillip Moskow comforted at his funeral in Jerusalem on 8 August 2006

More funerals have been held on both sides of the border with no sign of an early halt to the violence.

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