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In pictures: Israeli strike on Qana

A tricycle lies in a bomb-damaged kitchen in Qana, Lebanon, after a deadly Israeli strike on the town

Israeli warplanes struck southern Lebanon in the early hours of Sunday, bringing destruction to the town of Qana. WARNING: Subsequent images may cause distress

Qana on Sunday

There are scenes of desolation in Qana - a name which already has bloody overtones for many Lebanese, after 106 people died in Israeli shelling in 1996

The bodies of two young girls are taken away on a stretcher in Qana on Sunday

Many of those who died were children. Most of the victims were sheltering in a three-storey house, which took a direct hit.

Chinese UN soldiers and Lebanese Red Cross workers look on as rescuers try to find bodies under the rubble of a home in Qana

On Sunday, local people and rescue workers pulled out bodies from the rubble. Mechanical diggers probed gingerly, in case survivors lay trapped.

Rescue workers retrieve a body in Qana

The bodies retrieved were caked in dust and matted with blood.

Corpses in the morgue at Tyre

The bodies piled up at the morgue in the nearby city of Tyre. The plastic shrouds bore the names of the dead, and flowers.

A woman mourns in Qana

In Qana - shock, disbelief, and sorrow.

Protesters attack the UN building in Beirut

News of the deaths spread fast and triggered angry protests in Beirut, where protesters stormed the UN building.

Protesters attack the UN building in Beirut

The protesters accuse the UN - and the world - of looking on idly as their country is destroyed.

Protesters in Beirut

There were bitter words for the US, and correspondents say any criticism of Hezbollah's actions in the crisis now goes unspoken.

Candles for the victims of the Qana air strike, Beirut, Sunday

Later, there was a vigil for those who died - with one woman using candles to spell out the name "Qana" in Arabic.

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