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In pictures: Ecuador volcano

Tungurahua volcano

About 3,700 people are being evacuated from the slopes of the Tungurahua volcano, 135km (85 miles) south of Ecuador's capital Quito.

Tungurahua volcano

Tungurahua began rumbling in May in its loudest activity since 1999, when it became active after eight decades of dormancy.

Town of Casua volcano near Tungurahua volcano

The town of Casua was evacuated as the volcano began spewing lava and toxic gases.

Town of Casua volcano near Tungurahua volcano

No casualties are reported but roads and bridges are blocked and villagers have lost cattle and crops.

Casua resident evacuates

Many villagers fled to refuge at schools and churches in the nearby town of Pingue.

Members of the National Guard patrol near Casua

Troops helped the evacuation from the volcano, which means "throat of fire" in the local language. President Alfredo Palacio visited affected villages.

Residents of Cotalo near Tungurahua volcano

Residents of Cotalo with stones projected by the volcano. The government has promised $5.7m in relief funds for the region.

Watch footage of the eruption

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