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Your World Cup pictures

Picture sent in by Cpl Anthony Boocock RLC

The 20th Armoured Brigade in the Basra Air Station in southern Iraq celebrate England's first goal against Sweden. Photo: Cpl Anthony Boocock RLC

Picture sent in by Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton: "At the stadium to watch England last Thursday, this man was either wanting to witness history or make a profit."

Picture sent in by Ben Okrah

Ghanaians celebrate after their team wins 2-0 against the Czech Republic. Photo: Ben Okrah

Picture sent in by N Ram

Horsing around. Ghanaian fans in Accra celebrate the teams' win at the World Cup. Photo: N Ram

Picture sent in by Ben Okrah

Ghanaian and England meet to celebrate success in Germany. Photo: Ben Okrah

Picture sent in by Cheryl Teixeira

England and Trinidad & Tobago fans celebrate the football tournament in Port of Spain.

Picture sent in by Menal Mehta

Spanish studs in Stuttgart celebrate success after a 3-1 win against Tunisia. Photo: Menal Mehta

Elmar Khan sent in this photo

Elmar Khan: "Germany's new self-confidence in showing the national flag."

A photo by Pete, Wooburn Green, Bucks

Pete, Wooburn Green, Bucks: "I had just finished my bottle of cider after watching the England game. My Rottweiler promptly stole it from me and wouldn't let me have it back!"

This one was sent in by James Calder, from London originally, now living in Washington DC

James Calder: "Creative advertising to try and get a ticket for the England vs Sweden game in Cologne."

Glenn Janson sent in this photo

Glenn Janson, Languedoc: "I'm British, mum's French, but my boy Manny is backing England! He's 15 months old, and the photo was taken at our house last week."

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