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Hero cat predicts epileptic fits
Tee Cee the cat
Tee Cee stares at his owner's face if he senses a seizure coming on
A cat which was dumped in a river as a kitten has been nominated as a national feline hero for its ability to predict its owner's epileptic fits.

Tee Cee's owner Michael Edmonds, of Sheffield, has complex epilepsy and can suffer seizures without warning.

But now he is warned of an impending fit when Tee Cee sits close to him and stares at his face.

"When he first did it I thought it was a one-off," Mr Edmonds said. "But ever since then he just seems to know."

His wife Jean said: "We couldn't comprehend it at first. It took us a while to cotton on to it because it was so peculiar."

Tee Cee is one of four cats short listed for the Hero Cat title at the Rescue Cat of the Year awards, organised by the Cats Protection animal welfare charity.

If he wins he will also be in line for the overall title of Rescue Cat of the Year.

Early warning

Samantha Laidler, who nominated Tee Cee, said the faithful feline had become a lifeline for her step-father.

She said: "My step-father has complex epilepsy as well as other health problems and is unable to go out on his own as he can have seizures without warning.

"We noticed that Tee Cee began staring at my step-father prior to a seizure and then ran to my mother to let her know all is not well, acting as an early warning system.

"Once assistance arrives, Tee Cee doesn't leave Michael's side until he regains consciousness and his warnings have proved invaluable to the family."

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