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Last Updated: Monday, 24 April 2006, 07:16 GMT 08:16 UK
The world this week

The BBC News website looks at what could be dominating the headlines around the world this week - and offers some key background on those stories.


Moussaoui trial: Prosecution and defence sum up in the sentencing trial of al-Qaeda plotter Zacarias Moussaoui, before the jury retires to consider whether he should be executed.

Our investigation into the health of the population around Chernobyl, the safety of the plant, and Ukraine's surprising enthusiasm for nuclear energy
In our special series on Tibet, the personal stories of dissidents and Chinese migrants
Pakistan correspondent Aamer Khan's feature on the vicious propaganda war between government and militants

China tour: Chinese president Hu Jintao heads for Morocco on a wide-ranging Africa trip after spending three days in Saudi Arabia, the growing superpower's biggest oil supplier.

Microsoft challenge: The software giant begins an appeal at a European Union court against a massive 497m euro ($613m) fine for uncompetitive practices.


Mexico campaign: Contenders in Mexico's presidential election square up for their first TV debate - but leftist front-runner Andres Lopez Obrador is staying away.

A scene from United 93
United 93 is directed by British film-maker Paul Greengrass

9/11 premiere: United 93 opens in New York. It focuses on the airliner which passengers attempted to retake from hijackers before it crashed in Pennsylvania. Sensitivities run high - the trailer for the film was pulled by a New York cinema after complaints.


Chernobyl anniversary : Commemorations are held in Ukraine on the 20th anniversary of the world's worst nuclear accident.

UK health crisis: Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt, speaking to the Royal College of Nursing conference, will try to calm growing concern - and threats of industrial action - over National Health Service deficits in England.

Bosnia war crimes trial: Six Bosnian Croats go on trial at The Hague, accused of murder and rape between 1991 and 1994. It is the first time the tribunal has put as many as six people on trial at the same time.


Judges on trial: Two judges on Egypt's top appeal court face a disciplinary hearing after pressing for an inquiry into alleged electoral fraud during the general election in 2005.


Iran nuclear crisis: The UN Security Council hears a report by IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei on Iranian compliance with its demand to halt uranium enrichment. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said his country has successfully enriched uranium on a small scale, but security council members are divided on possible sanctions.

Italy's new era: The Italian parliament convenes for the first time since Silvio Berlusconi lost the elections to Romano Prodi's left-of-centre opposition, though he has yet to acknowledge his defeat.


Kyrgyzstan protests: Opposition parties in Kyrgyzstan plan a big rally aimed at speeding up political reform, in protest against the policies of embattled President Kurmanbek Bakiev.


Trade deadlock: The deadline for WTO states to agree on a draft free trade deal. EU officials say the deadline - set after an inconclusive summit in Hong Kong last year - won't be met.

This guide to the week ahead, published on Monday at 0800 GMT, is not intended as an exhaustive list, and the events noted may be cancelled or postponed.


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