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In full: PM on Iraq war judgement
This is the transcript of Prime Minister Tony Blair's comments, on ITV1's Parkinson show, about the decision to go to war in Iraq:

Tony Blair: "That decision has to be taken and has to be lived with, and in the end there is a judgement that, well, I think if you have faith about these things then you realise that judgement is made by other people, and also by..."

Michael Parkinson: "Sorry, what do you mean by that?"

Blair: "I mean by other people, by, if you believe in God, it's made by God as well and that judgement in the end has to be, you know, you do your...

"When you're faced with a decision like that, and some of those decisions have been very, very difficult, as I say, most of all because you know there are people's lives, not just, this isn't a matter of a policy here or a thing there but their lives, and in some case, their death.

"The only way you can take a decision like that is to try to do the right thing according to your conscience, and for the rest of it you leave it, as I say, to the judgement that history will make."

Parkinson: "So you would pray to God when you make a decision like that?"

Blair: "Well, you know, I don't want to go into..."

Parkinson: "No, but, I mean, you've said that."

Blair: "Yeah."

Parkinson: "You've said that it would be informed..."

Blair: "Of course. You struggle with your own conscience about it because people's lives are affected, and it's one of these situations that I suppose very few people ever find themselves in, in doing, but in the end you do what you think is the right thing."

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