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World press views UK's 'darkest nightmare'
World press

Newspapers across the world believe the discovery that the suspects in London's suicide bombings were British-born Muslims reveals "a new side of terrorism".

One paper says Britain has become "a breeding ground for al-Qaeda terror", while another argues "the British are hostages to Islamic radicalism".

Newspapers in the Islamic world warn of a backlash in the wake of the blasts, with some saying that reprisals against Muslims have already begun.

London, the home of one of the most firmly-established democracies in the world, has become the place where terrorist organisations, groups and parties gather... The city of mist has become the city of terror.

Saudi al-Riyadh

The identification of the terrorists who acted in London represents the materialisation of the secret services' darkest nightmare... The events in London brought to light a new side of terrorism, by those who are ready to die in order to attack the country they were born and brought up in.

Romania's Evenimentul Zilei

So now we know the British terrorists were home-grown... We can no longer properly support our fellow Australians in Muslim communities without abandoning the politically correct pretence that there is not a problem about contemporary Islam. If the events of 7/7 in London mean we are finally prepared to do that, then there may be a silver lining after all.

The Australian

It is difficult to ignore the fact that Britain, with close to 2m Muslim residents, is a breeding ground for al-Qaeda terror, perhaps more so than any other European country.

Israel's Haaretz

There has been much talk about terrorism's "root causes" following last week's London bombings, but I have yet to hear anyone mention the most important cause of all: the fact that terrorism has thus far proven extremely effective... A growing number of media pundits and politicians, both in Britain and abroad, have already shifted the blame from the terrorists to Britain's "provocative" presence in Iraq.

Israel's Jerusalem Post

There are 2.4m Muslims living in Britain. By comparison, there are only 6m in a country as large as the USA. The British are hostages to Islamic radicalism both economically and in domestic political terms.

Russia's Novyye Izvestiya

If the police are not mistaken and the documents found really do belong to the suicide bombers, the London terrorist attacks could spell the end of the dream of a united Europe... Because they all came from families that could quite reasonably claim to be ideal immigrant citizens of the EU.

Russia's Rossiyskaya Gazeta

After the explosions which rocked London last week, mosques are being burned and Muslims beaten up in England. It seems that all the talk of the famed British tolerance is strictly for export.

Russia's Pravda

Following the London explosions a crackdown has begun against Muslims in the Pakistani areas of England. We say it is the duty of the British government not to let the situation deteriorate and to provide security for the lives and property of Muslims, particularly Pakistanis.

Pakistan's Khabrain

A strong reaction from English citizens has been witnessed after the London attacks. During public protests Muslim communities were attacked, their property destroyed. Mosques too were attacked and even the Pakistani consulate was stormed... Unless and until the international media stop their poisonous propaganda against Muslims, the lives of Muslims - particularly Pakistanis - will remain in danger.

Pakistan's Ausaf

The London explosions provided a good pretext for American and European officials to target Islam once more and accuse Muslims of terrorism without any proof... It seems that British officials are making the same mistakes that Bush made four years ago.

Iran's Kayhan

The attacks on mosques and Islamic centres in England and the massive wave of arrests of Muslims immediately after the explosions in London highlight the existence of a plot behind this incident.

Iran's Jomhuri-ye Eslami

The terrorist bombings which hit London have opened the door for more hatred and racism towards Muslims and Arabs... Migrants who are now living in Western countries are the ones who will suffer the most from this escalating hatred and racism.

Egypt's Al-Ahram

It appears that regardless of who the bombers are, Western countries are systematically shaping opinions about serious terrorist threats stemming from Islamic groups. It means that behind the current war on terrorism, a two-pronged war of ideas, namely "decadence" and the "monsterisation" of terrorism, is now being waged against Islam and Muslims.

Indonesia's Republika

The recent bombings in London showed that terrorism is not restricted only to Afghanistan and Iraq, but it has become more powerful over the past years and now can target even the most secure place in the world.

Afghanistan's Eslah

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