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Profile: Dick Marty
Dick Marty
Dick Marty has risen to prominence because of the CIA probe
The Swiss politician leading a European probe into allegations that the CIA abducted and moved terror suspects across European borders is a veteran legislator with years of experience in international law and human rights.

A married father of three and a lawyer by trade, Dick Marty holds a doctorate in law, and began his career as a specialist on Swiss law.

He lived in Freiburg, Germany, from 1969 until 1975, based at the section on Swiss law at an academic institution in the city.

He returned to Switzerland in 1975, taking up a position as state prosecutor in the canton of Ticino, where he ran vigorous campaigns against drugs and organised crime.

Much of Mr Marty's career has been spent within Ticino politics. He was elected onto the canton's executive in 1989 after a glittering stint as prosecutor that included commendations by the US government and anti-drug agencies.

He continued as a member of the Ticino executive until 1995, when he entered elected office, first in Switzerland.

Move to Strasbourg

Later, in 1998, he was elected to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, where he sits with the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe.

Within the council, Mr Marty serves on a number of influential committees.

He chairs the legal affairs and human rights committee and serves on the political affairs committee, among a host of others.

The Council of Europe has a wide membership not restricted to European Union members, and is responsible for overseeing the European Court of Human Rights.

Mr Marty has thus emerged as an influential figure in the controversy over the US policy of extraordinary rendition.

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