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Friday, December 19, 1997 Published at 19:30 GMT


Diana bodyguard returns to Paris
image: [ Trevor Rees-Jones, in centre in the brown jacket, arrives at the Palais de Justice for questioning ]
Trevor Rees-Jones, in centre in the brown jacket, arrives at the Palais de Justice for questioning

The bodyguard who was the sole survivor of the crash that killed Diana, Princess of Wales, has returned to Paris to be questioned further by accident investigators.

French authorities hoped Trevor Rees-Jones, 29, might be able to provide further vital details about the tragedy.

It was the third time that the former paratrooper has met with investigators since the crash on August 31.

On a previous occasion he visited the crash site at the Pont De L'Alma traffic tunnel in the French capital in a bid to provide clues.

Mr Rees-Jones left his meeting with investigators at the Palais de Justice after two hours and was taken by police guards through a back entrance to avoid waiting journalists.

[ image: Lawyer Christian Curtil]
Lawyer Christian Curtil
His lawyer, Christian Curtil, said the meeting had "gone well". Mr Rees-Jones was "doing better physically" but did not want to make any further comment, he said.

While he has said he cannot recall any details of the actual crash, Mr Rees-Jones has told investigators he remembers leaving the Ritz Hotel with his employer Dodi Fayed, and the Princess.

He has also told the judicial authorities that he recalls a white car following the Mercedes in which he was travelling with chauffeur Henri Paul, Dodi and Diana.

French police have spent months searching for a small Fiat car which they believe may have brushed against the Mercedes before it careered out of control and hit a concrete pillar in the underpass.

French media reports earlier this week suggesting the inquiry was about to be ended because of the failure to trace the white car have been denied.

Amazing recovery

[ image: Trevor Rees-Jones has made a speedy recovery]
Trevor Rees-Jones has made a speedy recovery
Mr Rees-Jones, who has been recovering at home in the English county of Shropshire, suffered massive facial and other injuries in the crash.

He was the only occupant of the car wearing a seatbelt.

Surgeons had to rebuild his shattered lower face but he made an amazing recovery and five weeks after the accident left the Pitie Salpetriere Hospital in Paris and returned to England.

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