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Last Updated: Thursday, 4 March, 2004, 17:56 GMT
Weekly world news quiz

It's the end of another week... Just how much do you remember about the headlines from the past seven days?

Test your knowledge of world news events in our quiz.

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Question 1
"If you want to find the source, you have to go up, against the current". What is this from?
A: A poem by the Pope. Vatican officials revealed this week that more than one million copies of his poetry anthology have been sold
B: Former presidential candidate John Edwards' concession speech. He said on Wednesday the decision to run had been a tough one, but the right one
C: The advertising trail for Coca Cola's new Dasani bottled water. The company admitted this week that the drink was purified tap water
Question 2
Who has been asking for $5,500bn?
A: A pair of Australian sheep farmers when probed on how much they would sell their flock for. The wool they produce is so valuable it is currently in a bank vault under lock and key
B: Bunyoro-Kitara kingdom in Uganda. The authorities want the sum as payment for alleged atrocities committed by UK soldiers during the colonial period
C: A man who claims to posess a fourth book in the Lord of the Rings series. He says the author, Tolkien, was a friend of his and wrote it for him as a gift
Question 3
Why did giant tortoises make the headlines this week?
A: Scientists found that while the male impotency drug Viagra did nothing for women, they had high hopes for a new product derived from the shell of the creatures
B: Several of them were taken hostage by striking fishermen, who are unhappy with conservation measures that restrict their activities
C: An examination of their behavioural patterns revealed that rival groups conduct warfare in much the same way as humans, devising intricate ploys to trick their enemies
Question 4
Who or what is Papero?
A: The first band from Azerbaijan to have a top ten hit in the United States. The indie rock group's debut single Breaking the Mould is currently number three in the Billboard charts
B: A man claiming to be the son of Tanzania's long-lost king, exiled in 1925. He turned up in the country this week to claim the crown and appears to have proof of his ancestry
C: A Japanese translation robot. Its brain and tongue are currently helping foreigners who arrive in Japan with little knowledge of the language
Question 5
What has happened in Scotland as a result of people "just hoicking them out before they go home".
A: Local authorities issued formal advice to residents in tourist hotpsots not to put garden gnomes on display as some foreign visitors apparently believed a rumour that they were put out for people to take
B: The 800-year-old tradition of burying a shoe on a Druid festival to bring luck for the year ahead was stopped as mean-spirited participants in the celebrations were digging up other peoples' to stop their good fortune
C: The tiny village of Lost was forced to change its name because so many of its signs had been stolen over the years by people who thought it might be funny to have one in their house
Question 6
Which of these was the subject of a compensation case filed this week?
A: Mosquitos. A man in India wants his local council to pay him for the suffering he has endured from the insects in his town
B: Hamburgers. A thin fast-food lover said he was left shortchanged after several high profile resturants decreased the size of their portions to stave off obesity lawsuits
C: The Middle East version of Big Brother. A viewer complained that he had been traumatised by some of the "improper" activities featured on the show
Question 7
Clerics from which religious group have decided to run in which election?
A: 280 Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka's parliamentary polls
B: 40 Lutheran nuns in a local election in the German city of Hamburg
C: 500 Scientologist ministers in elections to the Californian Senate

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